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Saturday 19th January 2019

Piers Morgan tells GMB bosses to "stick it!"

He wasn't going to be told what to do - of course not!

Piers Morgan went rogue on Tuesday's episode of Good Morning Britain, ripping out his ear piece and telling the directors they could "stick it where the sun don't shine," before adding: "You know what? Go away."

The fraught moment came halfway through the show, when the presenters were running behind schedule.

After the director and editor apparently started telling the 53-year-old to hurry in his earpiece, Piers hit back.

He ranted: "Apparently we're ten minutes over on the programme. When they say that to us in our ears, they're all going, 'You're ten minutes over, You're ten minutes over!' It doesn't matter!"

His co-host, Charlotte Hawkins dryly pointed out: "It means stop talking."

Piers was annoyed with being shouted at by producers (credit: ITV)

Piers ignored her, continuing: "The show is always two and a half hours and it will be whatever we decide it will be!

The director is shouting at Piers. The editor is shouting at Piers...

"And if you've got your carefully crafted segments, well, you can stick it where the sun don't shine. Because we're having a bit of fun, we're having chat, we're having a laugh."

When the rest of the presenters tried to continue with the show, Piers again interrupted to mock backstage bosses in a silly voice, saying: "Ooh, you're now eleven minutes over! You're eleven minutes over. So what?"

The tantrum-prone star then dramatically took his earpiece out, before continuing: "You know what? Go away."

Piers is back on air after some time away (credit: ITV)

Charlotte added: "Uh oh," as Piers added: "Now anything can happen because I can't hear them. Nothing they can do, they're powerless. And now they're all freaking out; 'Put your earpiece back in!'"

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The show makers later took to Twitter to tell fans about the presenter's unprofessional behaviour, sharing the video and writing: "So, we're running about 10 minutes behind schedule. The director is shouting at Piers. The editor is shouting at Piers. Piers' response? Take his earpiece out... 😲."

He started shouting before taking out his earpiece (credit: ITV)

Many of the journalist's fans loved it, with one tweeting: "Impossible not to like him 😂😂better than the scripted biased stuff on BBC & Sky."

Another added: "This is brilliant @piersmorgan 😂😂."

A third added: "You tell them Sir Piers Morgan 👍👍👍 show them just who’s in charge there 😀😀😀😀😀😀."

Others, though, thought his behaviour was unprofessional, with one commenting: "Disrespectful... this clip alone tells us one thing.... this is the Piers Morgan show, not GMB!!"

A second tweeted: "What a tool."

A third wrote: "Just shows disrespect, poor example to send out to the general public..." while a fourth said: "[He's the] reason I stopped watching."

Susanna seemed shocked at him ignoring instructions (credit: ITV)

Another added: "Piers, act your age and keep your earpiece in... they could be trying to tell you something important."

It's only day two of Piers' return to the show after a short absence, and he's clearly wasting no time causing trouble.

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