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Monday 16th December 2019

Adil Ray and Kate Garraway slammed for pressing Love Island’s Curtis over sexuality

He insisted he isn't putting "a label on anything"

Good Morning Britain viewers have criticised Kate Garraway and Adil Ray for asking Curtis Pritchard about his sexuality.

The Love Island star recently admitted he would be open to having a relationship with a man but he's currently happy with his romance with fellow islander Maura Higgins.

During an appearance on Thursday's GMB, Curtis told the hosts he's "not labelling anything" but they continued to ask questions.

Curtis told the hosts he's "not labelling anything" (Credit: ITV)

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Kate said: "So you're with Maura, you're very happy, but you've dropped this bombshell that's got everybody talking.

"You would consider in the future a relationship with a man."

Curtis replied: "The future is a road that is unwritten, nobody can ever say what is going to happen in the future.

"So I never want to label what the future is going to be because I don't think anyone can ever really do that.

"All I want to say is that I am 100% comfortable where I am now and my relationship with Maura and it is moving in the correct direction."

Viewers slammed the hosts' questioning (Credit: ITV)

Adil then cut in: "But are you bisexual?" to which Curtis replied: "I'm not labelling anything."

I don't feel like I'm going to label anything because I just feel like that's the right thing to do in my opinion.

Adil asked: "Why not?"

Curtis said: "Because I don't feel like I need to label anything. So many people put labels on things and in the villa, [people say] 'my head isn't going to be turned' and then in two days, their head gets turned.

"They change their mind and their opinion. Things change so that's why I'm not labelling anything."

Curtis said he's happy with Maura (Credit: ITV2)

Adil continued: "There's some discussions since your comments from people saying that for men in particular they find it very hard to come out as bisexual so if you were bisexual, perhaps you should just say that.

"In a way, there might be a concern on your part to come out as bisexual, just say very openly as a man in Britain 2019, 'I'm bisexual.'"

Curtis said: "I don't feel like I'm going to label anything because I just feel like that's the right thing to do in my opinion.

"As I am now, I'm comfortable in my relationship with Maura and I can't wait to see where it's going to go and how it's going to progress. So I think it would be wrong to label anything."

Kate said: "I know what you mean by not labelling but if you're open to a relationship with a man that means you have considered it or thought about it.

Kate continued to ask questions (Credit: ITV)

"Does Maura know about this? Is there a concern about how this will affect her?"

Curtis replied: "Because obviously it's been on the front page of all of the papers, Maura and I have spoke and we've both said that we're comfortable and happy with what's going on."

Kate asked: "So why didn't you talk about it in the villa?" to which Curtis said: "Because I had my eyes set on two people, Amy and Maura. Maura is the person I am with now and someone I can see a future with."

Viewers were stunned by Kate and Adil's questioning and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

One person said on Twitter: "Appalling interview on @GMB regarding Curtis he should not have to even answer these questions #gmb."

Another wrote: "@GMB @kategarraway @adilray I don’t care if it’s your job to get an 'exclusive' what gives you the right to interrogate a 23 year old about his sexuality that he’s probably just learning to accept and come to terms with pretty sure if it was your child being interviewed the way #GMB."

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A third tweeted: "What has Curtis’ sexuality got to do with you @adilray it’s up to him to tell people who he is! Don’t try to FORCE someone to come out on national live TV! So wrong."

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