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Monday 16th September 2019

GMB viewers rage as Danielle Lloyd says she wants homework banned

The mum-of-four said it's too much

Reality star Danielle Lloyd has stunned Good Morning Britain viewers by insisting she wants homework banned because she doesn't see the point of some of it.

The mum-of-four took part in a debate about homework on the breakfast show today. She argued against it and confessed she often ends up doing her boys' school projects herself.

The show posed the question: "Should homework be banned?" as a recent survey showed 66 per cent of school children said they feel anxious about it.

Danielle argued against homework on GMB (Credit: ITV)

Danielle, 35, complained that children have too much work to do after school and it sparked a big debate on social media.

The former WAG said on GMB: "My kids come home with so much homework at such a young age. I think they should just be allowed to be kids. In the schools, the teachers should do their jobs and when the kids should come home and enjoy themselves and be happy."

She added: "What's the point in coming home with all these exercises? I agree about maybe doing a little bit of spelling or maths, but these projects about history..."

Danielle, who has Harry, seven, Archie, six, George, five, and one-year-old Ronnie, said she feels some of the work her three eldest boys are set is not relevant.

Danielle thinks her boys get too much homework (Credit: @missdlloyd Instagram)

The CBB star added: "They come home with loads of maths and history homework and projects. I'm the one who gets left to make these models. When they come home and do history and stuff, I just don't think it's really relevant."

Opposing her on the debate team was headteacher Katherine Birbalsingh. She argued: "It is absolutely the case that schools need to set homework that is practice of what has been done at school."

Danielle debated with headteacher Katherine (Credit: ITV)

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In the schools, the teachers should do their jobs and when the kids should come home and enjoy themselves and be happy.

Viewers soon took to Twitter to air their thoughts about Danielle's comments.

One wrote: "I’m not sure Danielle Lloyd was a great choice for arguing why kids shouldn’t have homework this morning on #GMB - she actually said she didn’t think HISTORY homework was important. Lest you forget #Daniellelloyd....lest you forget!"

Another added: "Ffs Danielle Lloyd, bet she never did any school work in her life, saying homework isn't relevant, it is if you want to do well in life."

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A third commented: "The curly haired lady on GMB talking complete sense about homework and Danielle Lloyd talking rubbish. Whether we like it or not the world is tough and children need preparing for it or else they will flounder at high school and the real world."

However, some agreed with what the reality star was saying.

One Twitter user commented: "She's right I agree with Danielle."

Another viewer added: "Look to countries where homework is not given and school days are shorter. The children are much happier and more enthusiastic about education."

A third wrote: "She has a point."

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