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Friday 21st February 2020

GMB guest slammed for claiming children shouldn't be taught about WWII as it's 'bad for mental health'

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Disgusted viewers piled in on a reality contestant earlier today after he appeared on Good Morning Britain and claimed World War II shouldn't be taught in schools.

Freddie Bentley, who appeared on Channel 4's The Circle, argued learning about the horrors of conflict might affect children’s mental health.

The 22-year-old also indicated young people might find more value in being taught about matters such as mortgages.

However, fellow guest Sir Michael Wilshaw highlighted how important it is that pupils understand how people fought and died to protect the country’s freedom from tyranny and the population’s right to vote.

'50 million people died to fight fascism' (Credit:

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The former chief inspector for OFSTED noted: "People should know about the Second World War, the First World War, the conflicts which have taken place and a fight for freedom you and I enjoy."

Freddie replied: "I totally get that but I don’t think it needs to be put in such a young way to young children, mentally… Their mental health to be told this amount of people died for you."

I literally sat with my mouth open then with my head in my hands.

He continued: "I remember learning it as a child and thinking, 'My God, it’s so intense.'"

Warning Freddie not to exaggerate, Sir Michael also insisted children "need to know it’s a dangerous world out there".

Viewers were disgusted by the segment (Credit:

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Earlier in the segment - raised because several contestants in a recent episode of The Apprentice were portrayed as not knowing when WWII began and ended - Freddie told GMB hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway that lesson time might be better used teaching about issues surrounding climate change and Brexit.

He said: "It was a hard situation World War II, however, I will stand by the point it’s educational in a way [but] there are so many problems going on in the world."

Many of those watching at home were deeply unimpressed by Freddie's reasoning and expressed their opinions about his views on social media.

"When discussing aspects of education, Freddie is a great example of the phrase: 'You can educate a fool, but you can't make him think!'" tweeted one viewer.

"He who does not learn from the past is doomed to repeat it," cautioned another.

Another person wondered: "I don’t know who this young boy is but if the WWI & WWII aren’t relevant to him why is he wearing a poppy?"

"Has to be a joke guest surely??? He can't even put a sentence together!" insisted another Twitter user.

"The tosh that came from the younger guys mouth is astonishing!" echoed another.

One person who did agreed with Freddie tweeted at him: "I personally loved learning about the war but I actually do see your point. It is a lot of death & misery, why don’t we add more historical achievements of women during history."

But another despairing viewer remarked: "I literally sat with my mouth open then with my head in my hands."

Freddie, however, seemed pretty happy with his appearance on TV.

"I have walked out with a massive smile on my face! Im buzzing to have been a guest on GMB & couldn’t be more proud of myself," he tweeted.

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