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GMB fans furious as guest insists chocolate advent calendars should be banned

Amy Childs argued against banning the calendars

Viewers of Good Morning Britain were shocked when a guest insisted chocolate advent calendars should be banned.

Former TOWIE star Amy Childs and PR consultant Nick Ede appeared on Friday’s show to discuss whether the festive tradition should be ditched.

Nick said he believes kids having chocolate in the morning is not healthy and encourages the obesity “epidemic”.

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Nick said chocolate advent calendars should be banned (Credit: ITV)

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He explained: “The reason I have a bit of an issue with [chocolate advent calendars] is giving your children a chocolate in the morning.

“It’s not just one chocolate, you’ll also get one from your granny, your auntie, it’s probably five chocolates you’ll get every day.”

There’s an epidemic at the moment of people who are becoming addicted to the different sugars.

Amy argued: “I’ve had chocolate advent calendars since I was a baby, I’m not obese.”

Nick hit back: “There’s an epidemic at the moment of people who are becoming addicted to the different sugars.

“Also the chocolate isn’t as good as it was in our day. 25 days acquaints to around four or five bars of chocolate in a month.”

He continued: “We’re basically saying for the whole year you watch what you’re eating and you eat healthy at school but for this month, sugar every single morning.”

Viewers were divided, with many calling Nick’s comments “ridiculous”.

One person said on Twitter: “I think this is terrible. A small little chocolate to count to Xmas. What’s the harm in that? Very soon we will taxed on fresh air.

“Can’t kids enjoy Christmas anymore? Adults get gin advent calendars so why can’t kids have a chocolate one. Don’t stop all the fun.”

Another wrote: “Oh fgs, it’s a bit of fun leading up to Xmas for crying out loud. These people who think what to ban next, don’t they have anything else better to do? They must lead very boring lives.”

A third tweeted: “What a joke let kids be kids… It’s Christmas, absolute farce.”

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Others said they preferred the traditional advent calendars which featured pictures.

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