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Wednesday 19th February 2020

Ben Shephard squirms as he eats sheep's head live on GMB

He wasn't a fan..

Ben Shephard was left squirming as he ate a sheep's head live on Good Morning Britain.

The show's competition host Andi Peters brought back a croissant stuffed with the meat for the presenters following his trip to Outer Mongolia.

Andi said: "I've just got back from Outer Mongolia and I've got some presents for all the presenters so in here [shows the croissant] I've got some sheep's head meat... I've put it in a croissant to make it taste nice."

Ben squirmed as he tried the meat (Credit: ITV)

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While many of the crew declined Andi's offer of a sheep's head croissant, Ben was up for trying the gruesome snack.

But first he encouraged co-star Kate Garraway to try it.

She said: "I don't want to, I don't want to."

After the team chanted for her to try it, Kate took a bite of the croissant.

Ben said: "That's just the croissant! I'm going to go in," as he took a huge bite of the meal.

Kate tried the sheep's head meat (Credit: ITV)

Screwing up his face, he said: "I wish I hadn't."

Kate asked: "Is it a bit chewy?" to which Ben said: "[It has a] porky flavour."

Kate said: "It's the thought I think isn't it."

That's just the croissant! I'm going to go in.

Ben quipped: "Yeah... and to be fair the flavour!"

Ben and Kate are filling in for Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid as they enjoy a break for half-term.

Ben pretended to cut Kate's hair (Credit: ITV)

Last week, the pair amused viewers when Ben played a prank on his co-star by pretending to cut a chunk of her hair out.

The presenters were discussing the viral clip of a woman who fainted on Turkish TV after getting too much of her hair cut off during a makeover segment.

Speaking about the woman fainting, Kate admitted: "I'd be the same. It is a big thing for women isn't it, hair?"

Ben then pulled out a pair of scissors as Kate exclaimed: "No you can't!"

Ben said: "But you've got so much of it," to which Kate replied: "You're not a trained hairdresser and those look like sewing scissors!"

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Kate then turned around and Ben started chopping the back of her barnet as she screamed: "No! No, don't don't don't, seriously, Ben, honestly!"

He then held a huge piece of blonde hair in his hand as a mortified Kate said: "Ben! You can't do that. That's not funny. You can't do that to someone. It's my hair!"

He then said: "Don't worry... it wasn't real. I pulled a fast one."

Looking very relieved, Kate said: "Flipping heck! That was nearly the end of a very beautiful 20-year friendship. I was really traumatised."

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