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Tuesday 25th September 2018

Viewers in tears at Susanna Reid's Becky Watts documentary

It was a harrowing watch

Police Tapes: The Murder of Becky Watts was must-watch TV last night, for incredibly sad reasons.

Bristolian teenager Becky was murdered by her stepbrother Nathan Matthews and his girlfriend Shauna Hoare in 2015.

And despite initially both denying all allegations, in the face of overwhelming evidence they were convicted of the crime.

And Susanna Reid's documentary about the chilling murder had viewers glued to ITV - when they weren't in floods of tears.

Susanna spoke with Becky's family (Credit: ITV)

The programme explained the circumstances behind Becky's upbringing, and featured in-depth interviews with her distraught parents.

In the most emotional scene, Becky's father, Darren, spoke to Susanna about how the events still haunt him.

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As Susanna was shown Becky's room, which is still a shrine to her, Darren says: "I believe they both came up here, they burst in on her, with masks on, and attacked her.

Becky's father Darren held back tears (Credit: ITV)

The image I have, in my nightmares, is him holding her down on the floor.

"She must have been absolutely bloody terrified. The image I have, in my nightmares, is him holding her down on the floor, and Hoare's placing her hand over her mouth."

He continued: "They did it together, they planned it together. I don't know what they expected to gain from it, 'cause there was nothing in it for them. So, it was all pointless."

Becky's bedroom (Credit: ITV)

Those watching took to Twitter to share their sorrow at the incredibly moving documentary.

One wrote: "The murder of Becky Watts has actually broken my heart tonight. Those tapes were so hard to watch."

And another commented: "That Becky Watts documentary literally just broke my heart. Sick sick people."

This was a truly important piece of documentary making which can't have been easy to make.

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Well done to Susanna Reid and ITV for showing what really happened, and rest in peace Becky Watts.