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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Toyboy lover of transgender CBB star Lauren Harries reveals truth about his sexuality

The new couple appeared on Loose Women today

Transgender TV personality Lauren Harries revealed her toyboy lover on today's Loose Women, who then admitted he's pansexual.

To be pansexual means you identify yourself as someone who isn't limited in sexual choice in relation to sex, gender or gender identity.

Lauren receives abuse from people because of her sex change (Credit: ITV)

Lauren, who was born James, now identifies as a woman and has a new much younger lover who joined her on Loose Women to talk about their relationship, saying "It's not the 1950s anymore."

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Lauren, 39, seemed happy as she spoke about her 21-year-old boyfriend. She said: "It's early days and he's much younger than I am but he's very mature and I think everyone deserves to be happy.

"Adversity makes you stronger and you have to put it to bed and live for the moment.

"He sees me as a woman. That’s the reason we click.”

Connor was open about his pansexuality (Credit: ITV)

He sees me as a woman.

Her beau Connor Yemm was then invited on the stage to give his views on what people think of their relationship. He explained: "She’s an endearing woman and it really drags me down when people are so judgemental. She hasn’t gone through so much change not to be treated as a woman.

“We’ve had a lot of negative comments, we live in our own bubble [though]. We live each day as it comes.”

Lauren revealed that the pair actually met on Twitter, and she asked him whether he "liked women" as she wanted to know if he was straight. Connor then went to visit her in Cardiff and they said they left her brother's house "ransacked". She said jokingly: "My brother's not talking to me anymore."

The two gushed about their feelings for eachother (Credit: ITV)

The 39-year-old spoke openly about abuse she still receives as a transgender person. She said: "I was on the swings in the park and suddenly this child came up to me and said 'Are you a tranny?' or 'Are you a man?' and then they threw wood chippings at me."

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She said that she has seen rights for transgender people improving in recent years though. She said: "It's much better but there's obviously still an awful lot of transphobia around."

Connor and Lauren have found a connection and she gushed over her feelings for her new lover. She told the Loose Women panel: "He doesn't say, 'There's that tranny that lives up there', he sees me as a woman and he's accepting.

"We have a laugh and a very similar sense of humour."

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