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Tuesday 18th December 2018

I'm A Celeb fans question if Dec's okay after tonight's episode

Well, this has raised plenty of eyebrows!

Jungle fans feared Declan Donnelly had been replaced by an impostor after the cheeky chappie dramatically switched his stance on Dennis Wise!

Viewers are well used to Dec's daily "Dennis is a very small man!" banter - but on Wednesday night we were all in for a shock!

When Ant McPartlin set up a joke about Dennis' stature, we all sat back and waited for Dec to come out with his usual "he's a small man, I'm so much taller than him!" quips.

Dennis is an average sized man, okay? (Credit: ITV)


Instead, a less than amused Dec asked Ant what he was on about and pointed out Dennis was a perfectly normal sized man.

Okay, where's our real Dec? What did you do with him?!

Fans took to social media in droves to question if Dec was feeling okay!

Eh... Dec? Are you alright? Since when is Dennis normal-sized?

Some clever viewers wondered if Dec's sudden U-Turn on Dennis' height was a hint that Dennis was the celebrity being evicted tonight.

They joked perhaps Dec was just making sure Dennis wasn't mad with him!

Nice theory but ultimately not right!

It was actually Stanley Johnson, who became the fifth celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

The 77-year-old said he was "gutted" to be going home but excited at getting back to his emails - and checking if son Boris Johnson was still the Foreign Secretary!

We said goodbye to Stanley tonight (Credit: ITV)

Viewers, meanwhile, were utterly shocked at the result as many felt Stanley was a shoo-in for the finale.

Some even demanded a vote recount, refusing to believe Stanley was bottom.

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV.