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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Emmerdale SPOILER: Harriet and Cain take their relationship to the next level

Charriet are back on - and we couldn't be happier

We're not afraid to admit that we're well and truly smitten with the Dales' surprise romance between vicar Harriet Finch and the village's original bad boy, Cain Dingle.

Cain reaches out to Bishop Barry (Credit: ITV)

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While Chariett have had more ups and downs than Debbie Dingle's knickers, it looks like the unlikely pair are about to reach a very mature understanding about their relationship.

We. Know. Cain Dingle is growing up, everyone. We're so proud.

He makes a very sweet gesture next week when he apologises to Bishop Barry after their last meeting - in the church vestry.

Cain's daughter, Debbie, called BB anonymously and told him that one of his vicars had been getting it on with the local bit of rough.

The rest of Cain's fam don't approve of the romance. Mostly because Harriet used to be a police officer and we all know the Dingles and the cops don't mix.

Cain and Harriet were getting hot and heavy in the Vestry when the Bishop barged in - almost catching them in an unholy act.

Well, hello Father Gideon (Credit: ITV)

Cain, thinking on his feet, donned a cassock and introduced himself as Father Gideon. Oh Cain, lying to a bishop? That's a really bad habit. (Geddit? HABIT! Don't worry.)

Needless to say, Bishop Barry was less than impressed when Cain revealed his true identity after listening to BB bash the ruffian Harriet was supposedly dating.

Cain gave the Bishop a blasphemous mouthful that would not get him through the pearly gates.

People disapprove, but Cain is riding the storm and people will just have to accept it.

Anyway, Harriet is touched when Cain reaches out to Bishop Barry - and the pair end up having a heart to heart about their differing beliefs, ethics and general life outlooks.

They decide that the best course for them and their fledgling relationship, is to just be themselves and not care about what anyone else says. Oh, it sounds so simple!

Will this beautiful epiphany lead to a new understanding between our favourite odd couple?

Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain, has spoken out about his love for Chariett recently. He told SoapLife: "When Harriet was stabbed, he realised how much he liked her.

Will Bishop Barry accept Cain's apology? (Credit: ITV)

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"Seeing her in hospital was a game-changer for him. People disapprove, but Cain is riding the storm and people will just have to accept it."

We're sure it's only a matter of time before the village catches up with the rest of the UK in thinking Charriet are awesome.

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