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Thursday 19th July 2018

EastEnders viewers left cringing at so-called flirting scenes

There was even some footsie

Viewers who watched Eastenders last night were left majorly cringing after Max Branning and Carmel Kazemi's ridiculously awkward flirting in the cafe.

As Carmel was minding her own business, Max wandered in and therein ensued some footsie, lip-biting, and cringe-worthy flirting between lothario Max and his cougar lover.

Max and Carmel got flirty in the local cafe (Credit: BBC)

When Carmel tried to persuade Max that they should come clean to the rest of the square about their romance, Max responded: "I like it dirty." Oh dear god.

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Max and Carmel make me want to vom.

He continued trying to get her hot under the collar when he touched Carmel's leg with his, which elicited a response from flustered Carmel of: "You are terrible."

When she accused Max of "playing games" the smooth-talker convinced her otherwise as he said: "Carmel it's the opposite. I'm just tryna protect what we have, I wanna nurture it. I just wanna know we're strong enough that we can survive anything."

Lothario Max knows how to play with women's emotions (Credit: BBC)

Viewers expressed their feelings towards the flirty banter on Twitter. One person said: "Max and Carmel make me want to vom," while another tweeted: "I can't handle Carmel and max talking dirty to each other."

Poor Carmel will find out soon enough that bedding her was all part of his big evil plan. Although no one knows exactly what that plan is just yet, it looks set to shake the square up in a huge way.

Max is secretly in a relationship with blonde beauty Fi Browning, who is also part-running the Vic at the moment as part of her and Max's grand scheme that we are yet to find out. And although we already know that Max is just using Carmel there have been hints that he might actually choose her over Fi!

Max is set to jet off with Carmel and the gang (Credit: BBC)

Next week Carmel says those three precious words to Max as she confesses how deep her feelings are for him, and invites him on holiday with her, Kush, Denise, Kim and Vincent. Yes, inviting your new lover to a holiday with your son is a bit awks.

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He stalls and bides himself some time while the puppeteer behind him, Fi, tells him what he should do. So I think it's safe to say she was shocked to see that Max packed his bags and decided to go with Carmel.

Is it because he's sick of Fi calling the shots, is it part of his plan or is he starting to get real feelings for Carmel? C'mon he's going on holiday with her son! This surely won't end well.

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