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Wednesday 20th June 2018

EastEnders SPOILER: Steven makes a huge confession

Is he about to 'fess up to his brain tumour lie?

There are so many reasons why we wouldn't want to be in Steven Beale's shoes right now. First of all, it looks like he's made a HUGE mistake by underestimating Max Branning. Well, duh!

Steven is playing with fire (Credit: BBC)

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Last night (Friday) we saw Steven try to blackmail Max after discovering his would-be-father-in-law getting dirty in the Queen Vic toilets - classy - with Fi Browning, while he's supposed to be in a relationship with Carmel Kazemi.

Steve-O tried to use the discovery to his benefit when he found out his fiancee Lauren - who believes he's dying from brain cancer -is on the way to visit her mum, Tanya, to share the good news about their wedding.

Steven blackmailed Lauren into agreeing to marry him (Credit: BBC)

Steven threatened he'd expose Max's secret if he didn't stop Lauren from going. Presumably because Tanya will give her daughter a ruddy good shake and ask her if she's back on the drink after learning her daughter has quit her job and is marrying Steven in weeks.

Max called Steven's bluff, before reminding him that one needs the upper hand in order to blackmail, and that Steven has a lot more to lose than him. Oooh, so nasty.

But while Max decides to use Steven as yet another pawn in his twisted game (we still have zero idea what game it is btw), Steven looks set to make a confession that could see everything unravel.

Make sure you're sat comfortably because this is about to get complicated.

As we know, Steven has been enjoying a bit of extra-curricular bonking with Lauren's sister, Abi.

Naughty, naughty (Credit: BBC)

Abs kindly told Steven that her sister had aborted his baby, before sleeping with him herself and trying to lure him away from Lauren (who, ironically, doesn't even want to be with him anymore.)

When Steven asked Lauren to marry him recently, he managed to convince Abi that he was setting Lauren up for a fall and planned to actually be with her.

But, next week, Steven starts to feel trapped by Max's hold over him and decides it's time to come clean to Lauren about his faux-tumour.

Expecting her to return from Tanya's that evening, he realises he has to deal with Abi first. And he's totally unprepared for how bonkers the littlest Branning is.

Steven tells Abi that their fling was a mistake and it's Lauren he really wants to be with. Abi is left seething and we all know that an Abi scorned is not something to take lightly.

Oh Steven, you have NO idea (Credit: BBC)

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Will she beat Steven to telling her sister the truth about his cancer lie? And where does this leave Max's plans?

And does anyone actually know what Max's plans are??

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