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Wednesday 20th June 2018

EastEnders SPOILER: Phil drops a bombshell on Jay and Ben

Is the world's greatest bromance in trouble again?

Right, let's get one thing straight here. We're glad Phil Mitchell's back in Walford, we really are. There are no words that can express how much we've missed his angry-baby face.

Jay wants to know what Phil's playing at (Credit: BBC)

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There's a 'but' coming though.

But since he's been back, he's been diving in with his size tens - and making a bit of a mess of things. Ah, it's just like the old days.

First of all, there was all that drama with Lisa and Louise. We can't be the only ones who thought Phil caused the whole situation by being so rotten to Lisa in the first place.

Next week he messes with the one thing no-one messes with in 'Enders - the beautiful bromance that is Jay and Ben.

You've taken Mick and Linda from us, leave Ben and Jay alone! (Credit: BBC)

It all kicks off when Phil gets a BIG MONEY off on the car lot land and he struggles to understand why it's worth so much.

He pays a visit to his ex-wife, Kathy, and decides to do the right thing by his family. He then pays son, Ben, a visit and tells him he's giving him The Arches.

So far, not too horrendous.

But then he announces that he's giving the car lot (which we've already established is a wee pot of gold in Walford) to Jay.

Ben, naturally, is gutted and starts to wonder if Phil secretly favours Jay. He confides in Kathy, who then furiously confronts Phil.

But Jay isn't exactly chuffed with the news and worries there's another reason behind it, he offers to give the car lot up as he values his relationships with Ben and Sharon more.

Sharon supports Phil's decision (Credit: BBC)

His gesture touches Sharon and she gives him her blessing - and a huge hug. Unfortunately, this is witnessed by Ben who becomes even more convinced his family love Jay more.

A frustrated Ben then confronts Phil, demanding to know if he ever even wanted him in his life. He's even more exasperated when Phil won't give him a straight answer over his decision.

When Ben tells Phil to keep The Arches, Jay worries that he's coming in the way of father and son and pleads with Ben to clear the air with his dad.

But when Ben tells Jay how much the car lot is worth compared to The Arches, Jay confronts Phil himself.

Phil's actions hurt Ben (Credit: BBC)

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Is he ready for the shocking revelation that follows? We somehow doubt it.

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