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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Coronation Street SPOILER: Johnny and Jenny’s wedding thrown into jeopardy by tragedy

Rita's illness throws their nuptials into chaos

Jenny Bradley's wedding to Johnny Connor is thrown into chaos next week when her long-term friend and all-round mum-figure, Rita Tanner, gets some shocking news.

Will Johnny and Jenny make it up the aisle? (Credit: ITV)

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We've been watching, in horror, as the normally on-the-ball Rita has become overwhelmed with confusion and forgetfulness recently.

Her friend and flatmate, Gemma Winter, has been concerned for some time as Rita's become more and more absent minded.

On Friday, things take a tragic turn when Rita collapses in the Rovers during Eva and Jenny's hen-do. She's rushed to hospital where she gets a shocking diagnosis.

Jenny is firmly by her side and promises Rita that she'll stay exactly there until she gets her test results - even if it means missing her wedding.

Jenny waits at Rita's bedside for her test results (Credit: ITV)

Of course, Rita insists that Jenny should go ahead and marry the man of her dreams, but when she and Johnny can't get a cab to the venue, it looks like they won't make the ceremony.

There’s high drama, heartbreak – and ridiculous comedy which is classic Corrie stuff.

Gemma manages to pull something out of her bag of trips - in the shape of some Hell's Angels. But will it be enough to get the bride to the church (hotel) on time?

And will Jenny even want to get married without Rita there by her side?

Sally-Ann Matthews who plays Jenny has spoken about the big day. She told "When Corrie is 150 years old, you’ll still be seeing clips of this wedding – it’s that epic!

"And the week is just jam packed with so many different stories which intertwine. There’s high drama, heartbreak – and ridiculous comedy which is classic Corrie stuff."

She added: "Most of the time in Jenny’s world, if she’s happy and no boat is being rocked, she gets on with life.

"What happens with Rita is a huge spanner in the works and she is furious with Gemma for not telling her.

"There is an indication that Jenny is perhaps a bit self obsessed as she didn’t notice the signs of Johnny’s MS and nor has she realised that Rita is herself.

"It’s all a big wake up call for her. She needs to decide her priority – and the direction she goes in is interesting."

Jenny and Johnny arrive at the venue in style (Credit: ITV)

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We literally cannot wait for Wedding Week. Eek.

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