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Monday 24th September 2018

Emmerdale SPOILER: Lachlan to kill yet AGAIN?

The teenage serial killer is about to strike again

Evil Lachlan White strikes again next week and this time it looks like he has not one but two victims in mind.

The unlucky pair are Robert Sugden and Liv Flaherty - and twisted Lachlan tries to kill them both with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lachlan spots Liv on her phone (Credit: ITV)

He decides that he needs to murder Liv after becoming convinced that the schoolgirl is behind the anonymous text messages he's been receiving.

Lachlan comes to this conclusion after spotting Liv fiddling with her phone in the village shortly after getting another text.

Determined that Liv needs to be stopped, Lachlan heads over to Mill Cottage and fiddles with the carbon monoxide detector .

Liv then heads into the cottage with her laptop unaware that there's a carbon monoxide leak and no alarm thanks to Lachlan's handiwork.

The next day Lachlan wonders if his plan to kill off Robert and Liv has worked but he panics when he discovers that his nephew Seb is at the Mill.

Lachlan arrives to save Seb (Credit: ITV)

He rushes over to the cottage and when a bleary Liz opens the door, he pushes her over causing her to fall and hit her head.

Meanwhile Robert is already out cold on the sofa and a delighted Lachlan leaves them both for dead believing his work is done.

Has the teenage monster taken another two victims? And two more fan favourites no less?

Has Lachlan added two more bodies to his body count? (Credit: ITV)

Lachlan has already killed three people - his mother Chrissie, granddad Lawrence and former best friend Gerry Roberts.

And this week it looks like he could be eyeing up a fourth victim as he tracks down the conman who pretended to be Gerry's uncle Terry and conned Doug Potts and Diane Sugden.

Doug tells murderous Lachlan that 'Terry' is known to the police for conning mourners at funerals and the teen has revenge in mind after getting another sinister text.

Lachlan White murder Liv Flaherty Robert Sugden

Lachlan has murder on his mind (Credit: ITV)

He tells Belle that he's off for a meeting but he secretly heads off to a funeral where he spots Terry trying his luck again.

When the conman separates from the rest of the mourners, Lachlan sets off after him, with murderous intent.

Is he planning on killing Terry for ripping off Doug and robbing the B&B? Or is he more bothered about the fact that the fake uncle knows his killer secret?

Seeing Terry - who arrived in the Dales after Gerry Roberts was murdered by Lachlan claiming to be Gerry's long lost uncle - might be a bit of a shock to some Emmerdale fans who were already convinced that the baby-faced assassin had already bumped him off.

Terry found Gerry’s comic of Lachlan murdering mum Chrissie and grandfather Lawrence and realised what it meant.

Another of Lachlan's victims? (Credit: ITV)

So after he fled the funeral service in order to do a runner from the village without anyone realising, Lachlan followed him.

Attacking him in the B&B, Lachlan punched Terry to the ground forcing him to play his trump card.

“What are you going to do, finish me?” Terry told him.

“Did your family ask to be killed?”

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As the realisation set in for Lachlan, Terry forced him to let him go, or at least let him think he was letting him go.

Terry added: "What I’ve done, what I’ve got in here will get me 18 months.

"I hid that comic in the middle of nowhere where it will quite happily rot away unless you give me a reason to dig it up."

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