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Monday 24th September 2018

Emmerdale SPOILER: Lachlan “has to kill Liv” says actor Thomas Atkinson

Lachlan is lining up several more victims next week...

Lachlan White's killing spree isn't over yet. Far from it.

In fact, Emmerdale's resident serial murderer has another cull on the cards - and, unsurprisingly, one of his planned victims is Liv Flaherty.

Fans predicted she was in danger months ago, when she started noticing Lachlan's rather sinister behaviour... (Well, at least someone did!)

Lachlan lines up his next victim... (Credit: ITV)

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After all, the young offender had recently spent time inside, so probably learnt to spot a criminal from a distance!

Lachlan has already killed his own mum and grandad in a car accident, which left his aunt Rebecca with a brain injury.

Then the baby-faced killer targeted his own so-called best friend Gerry Roberts, who he knocked off in a supposed building accident at the B&B.

R.I.P. Gerry Roberts (Credit: ITV)

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Next week, Lachlan decides to murder teenager Liv - believing her to be responsible for the threatening texts he's been receiving.

He's killed so many times now he doesn't really care! He doesn't see Liv as a life, which is where his psychopathic nature comes in.

The trouble is, he also puts his own auntie and cousin in danger when they find themselves caught in the crossfire...

Thomas Atkinson, who plays Lachlan, told the Radio Times: "Liv has become a problem in his life and she has to go.

"He's killed so many times now he doesn't really care! He doesn't see Liv as a life, which is where his psychopathic nature comes in."

Oh. Dear. (Credit: ITV)

He adds: "Lachlan is only thinking about himself and protecting his relationship with Belle. The texts have turned him into a complete wreck and made him lose control, hence he plans this murder."

Lachlan secretly meddles with the carbon monoxide detector at Mill Cottage in a bid to silence Liv - and Robert Sugden - forever.

However, baby Seb is asleep at the house... And Rebecca also puts herself in danger when she unknowingly arrives in the midst of Lachlan's murderous plan...

Watch out Liv! (Credit: ITV)

Actor Thomas insist that his character couldn't kill more family, saying: "Lachlan wants to think if it came to it, he could kill Rebecca, but I believe he’d struggle to do it.

"Everything for him is about family at this point. Rebecca is one of the last of his family he has left, he wouldn’t want to kill her…"

But who comes out of the Mill Cottage confrontation alive? Even Thomas believes Lachlan deserves his "comeuppance"...

We couldn't agree more!

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