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Monday 24th September 2018

Emmerdale SPOILER: Chas makes a heartbreaking decision

It's an impossible choice for her

Chas Dingle has been a mess since she discovered her unborn baby girl has a serious health condition - she's not developed any kidneys and that means she won't survive.

When Paddy missed the scan where the sonographer broke the heartbreaking news about the baby, Chas couldn't bring herself to tell him.

Chas couldn't bring herself to tell Paddy the news (Credit: ITV)

Paddy was so excited about their baby arriving, and threw himself into decorating the nursery and planning a baby shower.

And when Chas eventually revealed the truth, the dad-to-be was completely devastated.

Chas tells Paddy that she's made a decision.

Paddy was devastated when Chas told him the truth (Credit: ITV)

Now the cute couple have a difficult decision to make. Should they terminate the pregnancy and say goodbye to their daughter now?

Or should Chas continue with her pregnancy, knowing their baby girl won't survive?

Chas tells Paddy she can't abort their baby (Credit: ITV)

Next week Chas tells Paddy that she's made a decision. She says she can't terminate the pregnancy and she wants to carry on, despite knowing there's no hope for their baby.

Paddy agrees to go along with what Chas wants to do.

Can Paddy and Chas save their relationship? (Credit: ITV)

But it's obvious he's really struggling with the decision, and he can't bring himself to tell Chas how he really feels.

It's an impossible choice for the couple - but what will they decide to do?

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And can their relationship survive this latest terrible stress?

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