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Friday 17th August 2018

Emmerdale SPOILER: Dales favourite exposed as a prostitute?

Tracy's past is catching up with her

Poor Tracy Metcalfe is in for a torrid time, as weirdo newcomer Phil will reveal her 'dirty' secret - he knows she used to be a prostitute.

The now-married Emmerdale resident doesn't remember Phil, but he recognises her well and demands £1000 for his silence.

If she doesn't cough off, he will show David a sex tape of them!

Sleazy Phil has been creeping Tracy out (Credit: ITV)

"He comes and he tells her this that he's got this footage of her on his phone and he plays it to her and she is made to watch and listen to it and it's just harrowing," reveals Amy Walsh, who plays her. "She's so vulnerable in that moment.

"It's like fight or flight then and I think then it's her streetwise mentality that comes back."

Desperate to keep her past to herself, she steals from Frank, but then feels so guilty about taking from her father that she can't hand over the money.

Tracy steals from her dad (Credit: ITV)

But in trying to do the decent thing by her family, Tracy finds herself in an even darker place.

When she goes to see Phil empty handed he provides her with an alternative option to secure his silence.

The evil briber wants Tracy to sleep with him.

Meanwhile, David overhears Tracy booking a hotel room for this assignation and he follows her.

While she and Phil are on the bed, about to get down to business there is a knock at the door - and David walks in.

It's like fight or flight then and I think then it's her streetwise mentality that comes back.

Tracy is feeling under pressure from all angles (Credit: ITV)

Will this spell the end of their marriage - or can David forgive his wife's past? He is, after all, hiding his own guilty secret, after very recently slept with his ex, Leyla.

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