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Tuesday 25th September 2018

Emmerdale fans in tears at heartbreaking episode

It was emotional

It's fair to say it's not been an easy few weeks for Emmerdale's Moira Dingle as she gave birth without even knowing she was pregnant.

To make matters worse, the baby was delivered in the middle of a fire by Moira's nemesis Emma Barton who had just confessed she killed James Barton, and then went on to murder her own son (by accident) Finn Barton.

And then the baby was kidnapped by Emma, and when he was finally returned to his mother, Moira admitted she didn't know if the father was her nephew Pete Barton or her estranged husband Cain Dingle.

Yeah, like we said, it's A LOT to deal with.

Moira is finding things very tough indeed (Credit: ITV)

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So it's little wonder Moira's struggling to cope with the newborn now they're home.

She had no time to plan, had no help around her and clearly hasn't dealt with her grief over dead daughter Holly Barton either.

Oh Moira, all I want to do is give a hug to Moira.

And with the baby screaming constantly, and Cain being little to no help whatsoever, Moira finally lost it last night.

After Moira did a nice thing and got Cain off the hook with the police for Emma's murder, Cain's thanks was a comment about being able to hear the baby scream from his cell at the police station. Nice.

Moira begged the baby to stop crying (Credit: ITV)

Moira didn't see the funny side and stormed off - just as their son started crying again.

"Please sweetheart, please stop crying," she pleaded. "Stop!" she begged.

At first Moira stayed by the door to get away from the crying (Credit: ITV)

But the baby continued, and eventually Moira couldn't cope any more and she left him crying in the kitchen while she ran outside.

Heading further and further away from the house, she collapsed in floods of tears, supported by a fence, and sobbed her heart out.

But then she ran further and further away and broke down (Credit: ITV)

Viewers at home really felt for Moira, believing her to be suffering from a form of post-natal depression.

Many headed over to Twitter to say they were heartbroken for her, complete with tearful emojis to illustrate their point.

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Things are set to get even harder for Moira next week when she abandons little Isaac at the hospital.

Some fans are calling for Adam and Victoria to adopt the baby and bring it up as their own.

The newly reunited couple are set to begin the adoption process again next week, so the timing could be a major hint for what's to come...