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Tuesday 25th September 2018

Max Branning set to leave EastEnders?

Jane could force his hand...

Max Branning (Jake Wood) has caused a fair few of those thudding drum beats during his time on EastEnders – and fans reckon he could be set for his most dramatic cliffhanger yet.

Twitter has been buzzing with speculation since the departing Jane left a voicemail for her husband Ian, informing him she was going to tell him everything.

Fans feel that with Max's darkest secrets out in the open, the only thing he can do is leave Walford for good.

Is Max's number finally up? (Credit: BBC)

In an emotional episode on Friday night, Jane made her own exit from Albert Square, having been hounded out by Max and James Willmott-Brown.

But before she went, she left a message for her husband, who she broke up with the night before.

It said: “I’m so sorry I had to leave like that. It’s gonna sound crazy but we’re being watched, and I don’t get what’s going on but I don’t know who I can trust.

How is Max going to come back from this?

“I’m so paranoid. I will ring tonight. Don’t speak to anyone till I’ve called you. I'll explain everything I know, I promise. I still love you.”

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Of course, one thing she's going to tell Ian about is Max killing Ian's stepson Steven, which will go down like a lead balloon.

The question is, will it force Max to abandon the revenge mission and quit East London for pastures new?

Jane left Ian a voice message before she left (Credit: BBC)

Viewers at home seemed to think so. One tweeted: "Yes! Jane ringing Ian to tell him what’s going on – hope they bring down Max and his crew."

Another added: "Phew! Jane has told Ian. How is Max going to come back from this?”

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And a third said: “I'm really going to miss Jake Wood. He should be in #EastEnders for years and years, but there's no coming back for Max.”

If Max does decide to scoot off, he's unlikely to be missed by Walford's residents – but he'll certainly leave a big, gaping hole in the BBC soap.

Max has been at the centre of some gripping plots (Credit: BBC)

Aside from the revenge plot, over the years he's been framed for murder, run over by his own daughter, been sent to prison and had showdowns with just about everyone.

And with EastEnders having a poor showing at the most recent British Soap Awards, he's exactly the kind of character the programme needs.

We'd certainly be sad to see him go...