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Monday 24th September 2018

EastEnders: Max and Rainie’s fake marriage exposed?

Custody of Abi could be in jeopardy...

You only have to scratch the surface of Max and Rainie's marriage to realise the pair are woefully lacking in the "love and cherish" department.

So how well will the dodgy duo be able to keep up the pretence, when their union is put under increasing scrutiny?

Is Rainie stroking Max? Or slapping him? (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know that manipulative Max married his ex-wife's sister purely for business reasons...

Max wants custody of his baby granddaughter, and believes he has a stronger case with Rainie by his side.

Max's daughter Abi died after falling from the Queen Vic roof on Christmas Day. She was trying to stop her dad from jumping off in a suicide attempt.

Now, Max is determined to get custody of baby Abi to make amends.

Despite everything, the pair dote on baby Abi (Credit: BBC)

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You wouldnt leave a wild animal with Max and Rainie let alone a baby.

However, his fake marriage is at risk of being exposed next week when the couple face a new obstacle in their quest to gain custody of baby Abi.

On Monday 18 June, the couple are put under pressure to get character references from friends.

They're told this will strengthen their application for custody of Max’s grandchild.

However, as anybody who watches EastEnders will know, the pair don't have a single friend to their name in Albert Square...

The pair have been playing happy families in front of officials (Credit: BBC)

This is mainly because everyone still blames Max for conning the community by trying to buy up local businesses...

Plus just being a general bad guy and adulterer over the years!

Max resorts to ever desperate measures in his bid to secure references, even attempting to bribe Karen Taylor - but even she refuses.

Funnily enough, a grieving Carmel Kazemi also says no, clearly remembering how ex-boyfriend Max left her in the lurch by cheating on her with Fi Browning.

It's a 'no' from Masood, too (Credit: BBC)

Oh Max, you reap what you sow!

As a visit from a social worker looms on Friday (21 June), it seems their happy families act is doomed to failure...

Will their scam be exposed?

Some fans believe Max "deserves a chance to bring up baby Abi", while others think "you wouldn't leave a wild animal with Max and Rainie, let alone a baby".

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