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Monday 24th September 2018

EastEnders SPOILER: Whitney and Woody on the rocks as a face from her past turns up

Is it all over for the loved-up couple?

Whitney Carter and Woody Woodward have been pretty loved-up since they returned to the Square to announce their engagement.

But all that looks set to change next week when Moose, the best mate of Whit's ex-husband, Lee, turns up.

Just when it looked like Whitney, played by Shona McGarty, was getting her life back on track after Lee's departure from Walford, things are about to be thrown into turmoil by Moose's unexpected arrival.

Woody isn't happy when Moose arrives for a visit (Credit: BBC)

Whitney and Moose have always had a close friendship, but when Lee's army friend makes a bad impression on Woody, it looks like Whit could have a dilemma on her hands.

Woody isn't happy about the fact Moose has got his feet well under the Carters' table and soon finds himself jealous of the visitor.

The Carters are pleased when Moose comes to visit (Credit: BBC)

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But it's not just Woody's green-eyed monster act that lands the future bride and groom's relationship in jeopardy...

Moose's arrival also reveals that Whitney hasn't been entirely honest with her fiancé about her previous marriage.

Can Linda make Woody see sense? (Credit: BBC)

As Woody warns Moose away from Whitney, Moose twigs that he doesn't know the divorce papers ending Whitney's marriage to Lee haven't yet come through.

Uh oh...

Moose realises Whitney has been keeping secrets from Woody (Credit: BBC)

But why has Whitney been keeping such a huge secret from the man she is about to marry?

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Fuming at being kept in the dark, a fight breaks out between Woody and Moose, and Whitney starts to doubt if she should be marrying Woody after all.

A fight breaks out between Woody and Moose (Credit: BBC)

But how is Woody going to take the news that his bride-to-be is having second thoughts?

Are her wedding doubts really down to Moose's appearance, or was she having a wobble before he even arrived?

Did Whitney have wedding wobbles before Moose arrived? (Credit: BBC)

See Woody and Moose clash from Monday 20 November, EastEnders, BBC1.