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Tuesday 25th September 2018

EastEnders fans are appalled by Max Branning's filthy habit

Where's your pride, man?

Everyone was talking about EastEnders' Max Branning last night - and it wasn't all about the latest twist in his revenge plan - it was about the absolute state of his fingernails.

Not nailed it at all (Credit: BBC)

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Seriously, did you see them, all bitten down with hangnails and even a fresh-looking scab? Ick. What's the point of all the sharp suits Max, when you let yourself down in the men-manicure stakes?

Fans caught sight of Max's nibbled nails as held up a phone, showing footage of Bobby Beale to Jane Beale, in order to frighten her away from Walford.

They took to Twitter to complain about the state of them. Come on folks, the man's busy trying to build up an empire and tear down a community, he's stressed!

One observant fan tweeted: "Max, at your age your finger nails look like this? Stop biting them."

Max, at your age your finger nails look like this? Stop biting them.

Another added: "Eww Max has horrid nails."

While a third noted: "Not that I can exactly talk but MAX'S NAILS."

But during further inspection, we noticed that Max's nail drama isn't a new thing. In fact fans have been noticing he's a biter since way back in 2011.

The first tweet to point out his horrific hand jewels said: "Why does Max have no nails what so ever? Looks skanky."

It wasn't long before other viewers noticed too: "Max, you clearly have enough money for food so don't yam on your nails," wrote another.

But by Boxing Day 2012, he was still chomping on them. "Looks like Max ate his nails for Xmas dinner," grimaced one viewer.

Into 2013 now and Nail-gate is still going strong. Stopping the biting was clearly not a New Year's resolution. "Ewwww. Max's nails are horrible." pointed out one fan.

Same again as we raced into 2014 when viewers actually called for his hands to be kept out of shot!

And all throughout 2015  too. Who knew there was so much feeling out there for Max and his nails?

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So, who's for starting a crowd funding to get Max some hypnosis to stop chowing down on his own fingers?

Or maybe just some Stop n Grow.