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Wednesday 19th December 2018

Danny Walters refuses to watch EastEnders with his parents

He won't watch it with his partner either

Danny Walters watches his saucy EastEnders scenes alone - because he doesn't want his parents or partner to "wind him up" about them.

The former Benidorm star's latest storyline in the BBC One soap has seen his character Keanu Taylor involved in a hot and steamy affair with Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean), but the 25-year-old star "doesn't take it too well" when his family poke fun at him.

Speaking about his saucy scenes, he said: "I try to watch those alone - as it's very awkward to watch with my parents or my partner.

Danny's been working closely with Letitia (Credit: BBC)

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"They know I'm playing a character, of course, but they also know not to wind me up because I don't take it too well.

"I don't always watch my stuff because I'm my biggest critic. However, I catch up when I can."

Danny and Letitia have become "great friends" as their characters' romance scenes have "got more intimate", and he believes it is important to have plenty of trust when filming such personal segments.

He added: "We'd only had the odd scene together before, so this was my first opportunity to get to know her better.

They know I'm playing a character, of course, but they also know not to wind me up because I don't take it too well.

"As the scenes have got more intimate, we've grown as friends, and that's really important, to have that trust between fellow actors.

"We're great friends now, and that helps for any worries or anxieties we might have. She knows what she's doing, and we're both feeling really comfortable."

Danny praised his "great chemistry" with Letitia (Credit: BBC)

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While Danny hadn't acted alongside the 50-year-old soap veteran much when he was initially handed the plot, he was confident the pair would create "great chemistry".

He told Inside Soap magazine: "Working with Letitia Dean has given me the opportunity to learn a lot - but it's also meant that we've been able to make an amazing storyline together.

"I knew Letitia and I would create great chemistry on camera - and we have."

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