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Tuesday 25th September 2018

Aunt Babe set for dramatic EastEnders return?

And the perfect plot to bring her back is ready and waiting

Remember when the Carters threw Aunt Babe out of the Vic and she cursed the whole family?

Now her vengeful words seem to be coming true, EastEnders fans are wondering whether the evil auntie is behind Wilmott-Brown's plot to destroy Walford.

With the Carters facing a whopping bill from Weyland & Co, and James Wilmott-Brown hoping to steal the pub from under their noses, viewers are speculating whether Aunt Babe could be the one drip-feeding him all the information he needs for his revenge plan.

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And some fans have even gone as far as to wonder whether Aunt Babe's actually the one pulling the strings!

Aunt Babe cursed the Carters and the Vic when she was thrown out back in February (Credit: BBC)

"I think aunt babe will return when wilmott brown takes the pub off the carters - after all she has always vowed to take revenge on them!!" wrote one imaginative fan.

I'm guessing evil aunt babe is yanking James's strings somewhere along the chain!

And she wasn't the only one to hope that Aunt Babe is the one behind all the disasters happening at the Vic.

"Remember when Aunt Babe left and cursed the queen Vic...think about everything that's happening there now..." wrote another.

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Even more fans were certain she had something to do with it, with one saying: "How funny would it be if aunt babe was behind the whole taking down of Walford?"

"I'm guessing evil aunt babe is yanking james's strings somewhere along the chain," said another.

One fan even went as far as to tweet Aunt Babe herself - or at least a spoof Twitter account in the character's name to ask: "R u secretly plotting with Willmott Brown?"

And much to our excitement Aunt Babe replied.

She said: "Ssh! Don't tell everyone! I am actually the one behind all this! Wilmott-Brown actually works for me but don't tell anyone."

When Aunt Babe left the Square, her alter-ego actor Annette Badland told Metro: "The door is open, she is vengeful, she curses them, she says she'll be back - and I think she will be."

Fingers crossed!