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Monday 24th September 2018

Corrie SPOILER: More heartbreak for Fiz

Oh Ty!

When Hope starts meddling in their relationship next week, it begins to look like Fiz and Tyrone will never get back on track. Could the pair be over for good?

After Hope started playing up at school recently, Fiz and Tyrone decided it was time to try again with their relationship and see if they could offer their girls a stable home life instead of seeing them arguing all the time.

Fiz is upset when she discovers Tyrone has a date with Abi (Credit: ITV)

But when Hope gets wind of the fact the pair might be officially getting back together, she decides to put a stop to it.

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Meanwhile Abi is desperate to get her twins back and thinks Social Services will decide she can offer a more stable home life for her children if she has a man in her life.

But when she asks Tyrone out on a date he turns her down.

Hope causes trouble in Tyrone's love life (Credit: ITV)

Hope is all ears though and tells Tyrone that Fiz has a date, hoping it means he will change his mind about a night out with Abi.

Her plan works a treat and although Fiz was actually planning a date night with him, Ty's jealous of Fiz's so-called date and takes Abi up on her offer of a drink.

Hope has been causing trouble for months (Credit: ITV)

Fiz is equally miffed that Tyrone has got a date when they're supposed to be fixing their broken relationship, but does she have to be worried?

Later Seb lets slip that Abi only wants a man because she's trying to impress Social Services and Tyrone is a bit annoyed.

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After a disastrous date the miss-matched pair agree that they're better off as friends.

But will Fiz still be willing to try again or will Ty's date with Abi bring back memories of what happened with Gemma?

Tyrone's one night stand with Gemma left Fiz heartbroken (Credit: ITV)

With Hope continuing to cause trouble for the pair, it seems she is willing to stop at nothing to make Tyrone and Fiz's lives a misery.

Will they realise that she is out to get them and put her in her place, or is this just the start of a long line of mischief for the school girl?

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