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Monday 24th September 2018

Corrie SPOILER: Maria betrays Audrey

Maria comes up with a plan to further her career

Coronation Street's Maria Connor is set to start up a rival business, betraying her long-term boss Audrey Roberts.

The seed for this storyline is planted next week when Maria is seen being rushed off her feet at work, and Beth innocently comments that she should be running the salon by now.

Maria isn't happy with Audrey when she starts taking her for granted (Credit: ITV)

But while Beth was just making a passing observation, Maria is given food for thought.

While considering starting up her own business, Maria is annoyed even further when Audrey announces she is going to be putting her rent up, leaving the hairdresser fuming.

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Deciding to further her career the honest way, Maria proposes the idea to Audrey that they become business partners.

But instead of even considering her offer, Audrey turns Maria down, fulling her anger even more.

You'd think Audrey would welcome the break after everything her family has been through recently.

Audrey doesn't take Maria's business proposal seriously (Credit: ITV)

Deciding to branch out on her own, Maria starts discreetly taking appointments in her own flat, undercutting Audrey's prices to drum up business.

Always one to stick her oar in, Tracy Barlow is said to also get involved, stirring up trouble when she tells Maria she could be making a killing by carrying out secret hair appointments behind her boss's back.

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It doesn't take long for Maria's new business venture to get off the ground. But that's not where her betrayal of Audrey ends.

Maria comes up with a plan (Credit: ITV)

Claudia Colby is set to make a much-anticipated return to Weatherfield this summer and it won't be long before she is making Maria an offer she can't refuse.

But what will happen when Audrey finds out what's been going on?

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