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Monday 24th September 2018

Corrie SPOILER: Heartbreak for Gemma AND Ches!

The kebab shop worker is left stunned when news of Henry reaches her

Kebab queen Gemma Winter gets a shock next week when she discovers her ex Henry Newton has got engaged.

Gemma was smitten with Newton and Ridley heir Henry when they dated earlier this year, but her happiness led to heartbreak when she discovered he was only with her for a bet.

Ches tries to console Gemma (Credit: ITV)

She was gutted to realise that he'd only dated her as part of a cruel Pull A Pig prank with his equally vile friend.

But Henry had actually fallen in love with Gemma for real and was left devastated himself when she wouldn't believe him and kicked him firmly to the kerb.

Since then she's been struggling with her heartbreak and is shocked to see Henry announce his engagement to someone called Cressida on social media.

She turns to Chesney - who's secretly in love with her - for comfort and thanks him for being the best friend ever.

Meanwhile Cathy tells Ches that if he doesn't tell Gemma how he feels, then she will do it for him!

Henry arrives and confesses his feelings (Credit: ITV)

Later in the week, Ches takes Gemma to the Bistro to cheer her up and confess his feelings for her, but they're interrupted when Henry turns up!

He tells Gemma that he's still in love with her and how his parents forced him to get engaged to Cressida by threatening to disinherit him.

Gemma is completely stunned by his confession and Chesney is left heartbroken by the whole situation... it looks like he has missed the love boat AGAIN!

Managing to compose herself, Gemma tells Henry to sling his hook but he admits he's told his parents to stick their inheritance.

He then drops a major bombshell on her - he's bought her the Rovers to prove his love for her.

What will Gemma make of Henry's grand gesture? And will she be the new landlady of the Rovers Return?

Gemma was smitten with Henry before she discovered the truth (Credit: ITV)

It was reported earlier this year that Henry would make a bid for the pub and that Gemma would give it a modern makeover.

It seems Henry will stop at nothing to win Gemma back, including buying the Rovers for her to shape as she will.

And Gemma plans to turn the classic watering hole into a chic cocktail bar.

A source told the Mirror how Henry will hit on his ultimate plan to woo Gemma back.

"As part of the relationship he tries to woo her by saying he will buy the pub and she can go from working in the kebab shop to landlady of the Rovers.

Will she accept his gift? (Credit: ITV)

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"Gemma is very excited and when Henry says he wants the pub to be more sophisticated she even starts planning a cocktail menu.

"But the plans won’t go down with regulars and if it goes ahead there would be an outcry on the Street as most people go in there for a quiet pint not a pina colada."

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