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Monday 24th September 2018

Corrie SPOILER: Abi hits rock bottom

Will Abi win her fight to get her twins back?

Abi surprises Seb next week when she reveals her plans to get her twins Charlie and Lexi back home. But things don't quite go to plan.

Seb is shocked when his mum admits she plans to bag herself a man so that she has got more chance of convincing social services that she is capable of looking after her kids.

Now that she is living in number 11 since Eileen left Weatherfield, Abi is adamant that all she needs now is a partner to prove that she can provide a stable home.

Is there a spark between Abi and Tyrone? (Credit: ITV)

But when she asks Tyrone out on a date, she is disheartened when he turns her down.

However, thanks to some sneaky interference from Hope, Tyrone changes his mind and decides to take Abi up on her offer of a drink.

But of course it doesn't take long for Seb to let slip that Abi doesn't really fancy him and is only after a date to show the authorities she is a changed woman. But will this be enough to put Ty off?

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Abi is sheepish about her true intentions behind asking Tyrone out on a date and their night out is a disaster, leaving the couple to agree that they're better off as friends.

As the date for a visit from social services arrives, Abi is nervous.

At first it seems everything is going in her favour. But her parade is well and truly rained on when she is told that while she's come along way, there is still a lot to do before she gets her kids back.

Abi's party gets a bit out of hand (Credit: ITV)

Upset that her hard work has been for nothing, Abi reverts back to her old ways and starts partying with her old dodgy friends at Eileen's.

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But who should walk in a catch her in the act but Steve McDonald?

All Steve popped round for was a cup of sugar (Credit: ITV)

Now it won't be long before Abi has both social services and Eileen on her back!

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