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Monday 20th August 2018

Corrie's Robert jealous of Michelle and Steve bonding

Green-eyed monster rears its head

Michelle and Robert are due to tie the knot, but it seems that the groom-to-be isn't as confident in their relationship as he ought to be.

His inner green monster rears its ugly head as he sees his bride looking cosy with her ex, Steve McDonald, next week.

Steve's concerned about Michelle's set-up (Credit: ITV)

In reality, the former couple are just discussing Michelle's sons, Ali and Ryan, who are now both back on the scene... and tensions are high.

It makes sense that she would confide in Steve, as he was around when she discovered that her baby had been swapped at birth, and when her blood son, Ali, came to live with her after the bombshell news broke.

But Robert isn't rational enough to see this, and can't help but feel jealous.

Is Michelle and Robert's relationship as solid as she thinks? (Credit: ITV)

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He may well see in them a bond that Michelle will never share with him... they have experienced the dreadful loss of their son, Ruari, of course.

And nothing - or no one - can take away that connection; of someone truly understanding the pain that will live with them until the day they die.

Robert sensibly doesn't mention anything to Michelle, but his annoyance is obvious.

The restaurant owner is fuming when Steve shows up at his stag do (dressed as Boy George)!

Ryan's return isn't exactly peaceful (Credit: ITV)

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There's further friction as Ryan tries to ply the stag with booze.

Ali steps in and reminds them that Michelle has warned to take care of her man.

Steve can sense the simmering tension between the two young men, and is concerned.

And his worry for Michelle grows when Ali informs him about Robert's steroid use, and that he's kept a heart attack from her.

As the lads head off to carry on the party, Steve stays behind. What does he have in mind?

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