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Monday 24th September 2018

Coronation Street star Sean Wilson reveals EVERYTHING about Martin Platt's much-anticipated comeback

Will David be able to confide in his dad?

Sean Wilson's return to Coronation Street after a 12-year absence has been much-talked about in the press over recent months. But the wait is finally over, and David's dad Martin Platt is back on our screens next week.

Following his harrowing sexual abuse at the hands of Josh Tucker (that is set to be aired this Friday) David heads to Liverpool to see his dad and get away from Weatherfield.

David struggles to confide in his dad (Credit: ITV)

David's still struggling to confide in anyone about what happened on the night of the attack - and even when Martin can see there is something not right with his son, David fails to open up.

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It isn't until Martin talks about his impending move to New Zealand that David gets an idea.

With Josh still very much in his life and having to face him every day, David tells his dad he's going to move to the other side of the world with him - but little does Martin know the real reason for David's sudden urge to emigrate.

Josh is everywhere David turns... (Credit: ITV)

Entertainment Daily caught up with Corrie star Sean in a recent visit to the famous cobbles to hear all about his comeback storyline...

"David is in one of the biggest predicaments of his life in this storyline. Not only has (the attack) happened, but then there's the aftermath and the psychological effects. The more time goes by and David doesn't tell anyone, the worse it gets.

David decides his only option is to move to the other side of the world (Credit: ITV)

"But of course, he has to unburden himself at some point. That's where Martin comes in. Martin definitely knows there's something wrong with David, it's obvious. At first Martin thinks it could be girlfriend trouble or something like that.

"But then as time goes by he starts to get very worried about David."

At first David goes to see his dad in Liverpool - but it isn't long before Martin is stepping back onto this old familiar cobbles: "The first scene we did was inside the Platt house and I like to pride myself on being very well prepared for these things. But it did feel a bit weird. I hadn't been expecting that."

The first scene we did was inside the Platt house and it did feel a bit weird. I hadn't been expecting that.

Sean even addressed the controversy in which he left the soap 12 years ago when he refused to film a storyline that would have seen Martin have a relationship with a 14-year-old girl...

Sean Wilson back in the day as Martin Platt (Credit: ITV)

"There was a juxtapose of editorial thoughts at the time, and I morally felt that I had to stand very, very firm on the decision that I made, so there came a parting of ways.

"But things move on, especially in showbusiness and maybe the people that were in charge have moved on. They've all split and gone elsewhere in showbusiness."

Sean left Corrie under a cloud 12 years ago, but this time is different (Credit: ITV)

Sean is only back for a brief stint this time, but he hasnt ruled out returning to the show again in the future...

"My character has so many connections. If you were to put all the characters within the show and Martin in the middle, with a line diagram, he'd have 25 different connections with people and they're all good connections in my opinion.

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"There's so much depth there. Whether they act upon it is completely up to the powers that be. I'd definitely be up for it."

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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