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Monday 24th September 2018

Coronation Street SPOILER: Peter Barlow embroiled in shock feud

He's had a quiet few months, but that's all set to change

Holy soap punch-ups, mild-mannered vicar, Billy Mayhew, will show he has a violent streak next week when he attacks Rovers landlord, Peter Barlow.

The unexpected fisticuffs comes after Summer Spellman, who Billy is hoping to adopt with his partner Todd Grimshaw, is found unconscious in the ginnel.

Summer collapses after smoking Spice (Credit: ITV)

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It turns out that she's collapsed after smoking a joint Simon Barlow found at school.

Summer is feeling super emosh as it would have been Drew's birthday.

She's also struggling to fit in with her new peers and pockets the strange looking cigarette, before taking the risk of smoking it.

Summer is oblivious to the fact that she's actually smoking illegal drug Spice - yep, the very same one that caused Aaron Dingle all that trouble in Emmerdale.

While Summer is rushed to hospital, Peter finds out what happened from Simon. But when he calls in on Billy to tell him Si's version of events, Billy sees red and hits him!

She has no idea what's she's smoking (Credit: ITV)

In fact, Billy shows he's got one helluva hook on him and actually floors Peter!

To make matters worse, a stunned Peter, considers going to the police about the attack. And rightly so, that's not how a man of the cloth is supposed to act.

But if Peter presses charges, it could leave Todd and Billy's adoption plans in tatters.

Billy heads over to the Rovers to eat some humble pie.

Has Billy ruined his adoption chances? (Credit: ITV)

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He apologises to Peter for losing his temper, explaining he was worried that Summer would die.

Will he be able to convince Peter not to take things any further?