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Tuesday 25th September 2018

Coronation Street SPOILER: Is Alya set to cheat on Luke with another Street resident?

Could she be tempted?

Ok, we know that Aidan Connor is a love-rat of the highest order, but we still can't help feel sorry for the broken man he has become since ALL THE TRUTHS came out at the wedding and basically ruined his life.

Aidan is feeling sorry for himself too and has been hitting the bottle pretty heavily, which has delighted his love and business rival, Adam Barlow, no end.

Aidan calls on Alya to help him sort his life out (Credit: ITV)

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Next week, smug Ads can't help himself but poke fun at Aidan while he's at his lowest. In response to Adam kicking him while he's down, Aidan tries to attack him.

Aidan's dad, Johnny, is forced to step in and drag his son home where he gives him a stern talking to, warning him that he needs to sort his life out before it's too late.

The pep talk jolts Aidan into action and he becomes determined to set up a new business with Alya Nazir.

Alya's boyfriend, Luke Britton, isn't into the idea - well, you wouldn't be chuffed if your other half was working alongside the local Casanova - but Alya is bang into Aidan's proposition.

Aidan and Alya get cracking, brainstorming some ideas and it all seems to be coming together nicely for them.

Her boyfriend, Luke, slips Aidan's mind for a moment (Credit: ITV)

But Aidan proves that he hasn't changed his spots at all when he leans in and tries to kiss Alya. Er, no, Aidan. Just no.

Will Alya succumb to his charms - or will she remember she has a boyfriend and turn him down, making their new business venture all kinds of awkward?

Shayne Ward, who plays the down on his luck Connor lad, has spoken out about Aidan's latest love twist.

He said: "Aidan knows he has already found something good in Alya because she is great with designs. Because he is eager to get things back on track and to prove to people that he can do this, he makes a pass at Alya!"

What will she do? (Credit: ITV)

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Oh, Aidan! Will you ever learn?