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Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Brooke Vincent has a famous relative who's also in Coronation Street!

Wait. What?

Corrie fans - did you know that Brooke Vincent - better known as Sophie Webster - has a famous relative who also stars in the ITV soap?

Can you guess who it is?

Brooke plays Sophie Webster in Corrie (Credit: ITV)

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It's Ellie Leach - aka Faye Windass - who is Brooke's cousin IRL. Well we are shook.

Brooke, who's also taking part in the current series of Dancing On Ice, has been a regular on the cobbles since 2004, while Ellie made her debut in 2011.

The girls are step sisters in the show - Sophie's mum Sally is married to Faye's dad Tim - but it was a surprise to learn the family connection isn't just a fictional one.

Brooke previously spoke to The Mirror about Ellie, who has been in Corrie since she was just nine, growing up in the public eye, much like her elder cousin.

Ellie Leach who plays Faye is Brooke's cousin (Credit: ITV)

Said: "Ellie is really good. She is laid back and chilled out about the situation and she has seen me go through it. If there is anything she needs to ask, she does.

"I don’t worry for her but I know that she is going to go through everything I had to go through but worse because there is so much more – you have to look like this or look like that."

She went on to say that social media puts a huge pressure on young girls that she didn't have while she was a teen on telly.

Brooke, 25, recently showed off the results training for Dancing On Ice has had on her figure.

She took to social media to share her before and after body transformation pictures - but her images left fans divided.

Fans were divided over Brooke's weight loss (Credit: Instagram)

Along with the images of her in gym gear before and after a 12- week healthy eating and fitness drive, Brooke shared a lengthy status with her followers, telling them about how she has also quit smoking in a bid to get fit.

The actress told her followers: "So, here they are! The before pictures that I've cried about, denied that I ever looked like and wanted to delete.

"The fact is, these pictures make me feel such a certain way that I didn't think I was brave enough to show these to friends and family, never mind the whole of social media. But mid cry one day I sat and realised the reason why, I wasn't in the best health."

Brooke went on to point out that social media is full of women sharing pictures of themselves that have been air brushed, or altered with filters, when in reality they look much different.

She's currently wowing in Dancing On Ice (Credit: Instagram)

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Despite the fact that the message Brooke was sending out to fans was a positive one, plus the fact that her 12-week transformation programme has clearly left her healthier, fans have been divided in their opinions.

Well, you can't please all the people, all the time as they say.