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Monday 24th September 2018

Love Island: Eyal's brother says family 'have been sent death threats'

This is shocking!

Eyal Booker's brother has claimed the family received death threats after the Love Island contestant kissed Megan Barton Hanson in front of Alex George.

Ariel told Heart he was stunned that the family have been targeted by "disgusting comments" from irate social media users.

He said the nasty remarks came after Eyal made out with newcomer Megan earlier this week in front of Alex, who also fancies her.

Eyal kissed Megan in front of everyone (Credit: ITV)

Ariel said: "People have said very nasty things, it's crazy that people can make such disgusting comments."

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I understand it all comes with reality TV but I think sending someone death threats for kissing a girl in front of someone else is ridiculous.

He continued: "I understand it all comes with reality TV but I think sending someone death threats for kissing a girl in front of someone else is ridiculous.

"It was a huge shock for me because it's entertainment, so to threaten our family over it is very absurd."

Alex watched as Eyal kissed Megan (Credit: ITV)

Eyal and Alex both made it clear they liked Megan when she arrived at the villa on Sunday night.

It didn't sit well with Alex, who called it a "distasteful" action, however Eyal insisted he'd not intended it in a malicious way and he didn't realise Alex could see them.

He told Alex: "It wasn't done to make anyone feel [bleep]. It was done for me to reassure Megan I'm interested in her."

Eyal told Alex he hadn't intended to upset him (Credit: ITV)

Alex simply replied: "I always think treat people how you'd like to be treated. I wouldn't personally have done it but it is what it is..."

He privately described Eyal's actions with Megan as "a bit desperate", saying he felt hurt.

Alex told the Beach Hut: "I did feel a bit hurt because I would not have done that to him or anyone here, to bring a girl over almost like a victory thing or 'she's my girl' kind of thing, and kiss her so openly in front of everyone, in front of me."

Alex told Eyal his actions seemed 'desperate' (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Eyal also told the Beach Hut: "I care about people and I always have done and I care about their feelings but as much as Alex is a nice guy, we're in this villa and you have to get what you want. And I want Megan."

Megan has since chosen to couple up with Eyal, although she has admitted privately in the Beach Hut she's unsure if she made the right decision as she also likes Alex.

Megan chose to couple up with Eyal on Wednesday night (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Alex and Eyal had a chat last night, with Eyal again telling Alex there had been no "disrespect" towards him.

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It seems like things may heat up between the men on Thursday night, though, as a preview for the episode teases a row between them.

Oh dear...

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