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Thursday 14th December 2017

Mum and 8-year-old son lucky to be alive after e-cigarette explodes setting room on fire

It wasn't even plugged in...

A mum and her young son are lucky to be alive after an e-cigarette exploded just feet away from them, setting the room on fire.

Jill Oswald and her eight-year-old son, Aydin, were watching TV in her bedroom when they heard a loud 'bang' on the floor.

Jill and her son were watching TV when they heard a loud 'bang'

They quickly rushed off the bed, and seeing "sparks, smoke and flames" left the pair horrified.

Jill managed to put the fire out, but was shocked to find out from fire crew that the fire was caused by a battery section in an e-cigarette.

It became more shocking when she realised it wasn't even plugged in.

She told The Mirror: "It could've been so different. Had my little boy been standing there or me or had we not been here, there would have been a major fire. It would've been right next to my bed."

The fire was caused by the battery end of an e-cigarette

Jill and her son were in the bedroom at around 11.40pm when she "heard a loud bang from the side of her bed."

She said: "I just screamed because I could see sparks, smoke and fire.

"Aydin was on that side of the bed and he scrambled over me. I got off the bed and ran round the side where it happened and there were flames.

"I went into overdrive. I thought 'fire' and 'my child'. My main concern was that there was an electric cable running next to the flames so I had to pull it out.

"I could not see what was on fire, my initial thought was a plug socket but I did not know what it was.

"I managed to put it out and there were still fragments which were glowing on the floor."

The e-cigarette exploded in Jill's bedroom

The fire service arrived within three minutes, and a crew thoroughly examined the scene.

Jill continued: "They were trying to determine what the fragments were and they said it was the battery end of an e-cigarette.

"It was not plugged in, that is so scary. I don't know how it got there. I don't think I will use e-cigs again."

Jill was proud of her son Aydin for remaining calm throughout the incident, he even made a video praising the fire service.

"Aydin was so grown up, I was so proud of him."

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