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Tuesday 12th December 2017

You Will NEVER Guess Which Celebs These Cute Kids Grew Into!

It's an undeniable truth that most celebrities are gorgeous to look at. But not all started life as cute as a button kids... although this all-new-selection were all ADORABLE in some way or another. Altogether now... AWW.

Gigi Hadid

If ever a face was born to be loved by the camera... no wonder she's now one of the world's highest-earning supers.

Karlie Kloss

That dimples'n'cheekbones combo was always destined for the catwalk... as was that unique sense of style!

Harry Styles

Looking just as handsome, minus his trademark long curls...

Carla Delevigne

Physical perfection and symmetry does exist... we're all staring right at it in the face of this Brit supermodel

Jenner Juniors

The lesser-spotted Rob enjoying the limelight with his sister - now also a supermodel - Kendall. Aww and that.

Blake Lively

Just look at her jock-ulike dad and cheerleader-cute mom - beauty was embedded deep in Blake's genes

Niall Horan

Judging by the guitar in the room, there was only ever One Direction on the career front for this little fella

Cheryl Cole

There's no denying that this British singer was born with The X Factor... there is nothing not to adore on this face!

Zac Efron

Way before he even made it to High School, this wee chap was working it for the camera.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Did she Carrie on being so darn cute? Course she did, even when she's playing bad!

Elizabeth Hurley

This English Rose was always close to royal-standard good looks...

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