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Wednesday 15th August 2018

WTF?! Social Media Users Slam WORST Designer Dress Ever

One person's trash is another's treasure

Leave it to fashionistas to borrow inspiration from something most people throw away.

A high fashion dress that looks a lot like the plastic covering that comes with dry cleaning is causing a stir on social media.

Homeless people been rocking this for years.

The Moschino "Cape Sheer Overlay Dress" hit the runway at Milan Fashion Week back in February.

Now British retailer Browns is offering the design on its website to fashion-forward Americans for $895, import duties included.

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The Moschino Cape Sheer Overlay Dress is getting mixed reactions. (Credit:

The website describes the frock as a "clear Moschino dry cleaning cape overlay dress" and says it's "the only kind of laundry you'd be willing to do."

Um OK.

The description also touts the dress as being "economical" and featuring "a slip-on sleeveless design made from a see-through polyester re-used 'plastic bag' that is printed with 'Free pickup and delivery' text in red."

Moschino also posted a picture of the dress on Instagram Thursday, along with the caption: "When you wear your chores... mid week dry-cleaning DONE!! New from @moschino (that dress you've all been talking about...)."

Despite the poetic sales pitch, most Twitter users were not impressed.

"Homeless people been rocking this for years," one person tweeted.

Another asked: "Foolywang material or Fashion?"

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Good Morning America tweeted a link to a story about the dress and the reaction was overwhelmingly negative.

"Just why?" one person wrote in response.

"What in the world???" someone else asked.

A third chimed in: "Geez Really $895....I get one every time I pick up my dry cleaning."

But not everyone panned the dress, with one person predicting that if Rihanna rocked it, her fans give her props for being a "slay queen."

That may be true.

Check out some of the reactions below.

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