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Thursday 19th July 2018

Woman whose breasts were accidentally flashed on BBC News revealed as Anna Paquin!

Actress has seen the funny side of it, thankfully

Actress Anna Paquin has expressed delight after her boobs were accidentally included during a broadcast of BBC’s News At Ten.

Earlier this week as the BBC’s Sophie Raworth read the news, a screen in the background showed a woman removing her top.

Paquin labelled the incident “hilarious” as she revealed the woman in question was her and the clip was a scene from True Blood also featuring co-star Robert Kazinsky.

She wrote on Twitter: “My breasts!! So funny on so many levels.”

This is amazing and making me very happy.

“Now that I know what u guys were talking about this some of the funniest s*** I’ve seen in a while!!! Thanks for the giggle! #FreeTheNipple.”

She added: “ya know you’ve made when… your tits photo bomb the news at 10.”

The actor’s husband, Stephen Moyer, also enjoyed his wife’s BBC news breakthrough – as did Kazinsky, who joined the Twitter thread.

Moyer wrote: “This is amazing and making me very happy.”

And Kazinsky joked: “Thankfully it’s a shot of you and not my tombstone tied donut eating belly.”

The incident send the press and social media this week.

While newsreader Sophie Raworth was going about her business, an unseen employee could be seen in the back of the shot clearly having a moment to himself, as he watched a scene from a film in which a woman can quite clearly be seen peeling off her bra to reveal her perky bosoms.

In the clip, we can see a woman peeling off her bra to expose her breasts (Credit: BBC)

A viewer called Lyndsey Robinson was the one who spotted the background shenanigans first and posted it online saying: "Did anyone else notice news last night on BBC??"

"Thought I was seeing things but just re-watched on iPlayer... nope I definitely saw what I thought I had!"

The BBC are now investigating who was involved in the slip up (Credit: BBC)

According to The Sun, bosses are furious about what has happened and have launched an investigation - which probably means that poor fella could be out of a job.

A source told the paper: "It is totally unprofessional.

"It beggars belief a sex scene should be played live on air."

People flashing on the news seems to be the latest 'in thing' right now.

Just last week during a segment on BBC Spotlight in which a performer at the 63rd Folk Week was being interviewed, a woman in the background could be seen getting up to mischief.

Last week a woman flashed when she passed the camera during an interview on BBC Spotlight (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers watched aghast as the cheeky miss pulled her top aside to expose a breast.

Once again, the BBC were not amused.

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