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Friday 20th July 2018

Wendy Williams Appears to Throw Shade at Khloé Kardashian

She spoke about the cheating scandal surrounding Khloé's boyfriend.

Wendy Williams has had her take on the cheating scandal surrounding Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Khloé, 33, and Thompson welcomed their daughter on April 12, days after photos and videos emerged of the NBA player kissing someone other than Khloé.

During an episode of her talk show on Thursday, which aired shortly before news broke that Khloé welcomed her baby girl, Wendy said she "doesn't feel bad" for the reality star.

Wendy weighed in on the rumors that Tristan has been unfaithful to new mom Khloé. (Credit: Wendy)

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"After hearing this stuff, I felt bad for Khloé at first," Wendy said. "Until I realized, wait a minute. Wasn't Tristan expecting a baby with his girlfriend Jordan Craig?

"I mean, the only person I feel bad for is the baby. I don't feel bad for Khloé. Khloé, you knew when you pulled up on him that he had a girlfriend named Jordy Craig and Jordy was 5 months pregnant."

"By the way, sidebar, just a little note to women out there, when you’re dating and you know a guy is expecting a baby with a woman, here’s the thing," Wendy continued.

"It might be over but the fact is when a baby enters the world, everyone goes to mush. Khloé, you jumped in some mess you didn’t need to be involved with to begin with."

Wendy also spoke about Khloé's ex-husband Lamar Odom, who Khloé divorced in 2016.

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"Lamar, she’s not going back to Lamar," Wendy said. "Lamar, you don’t want that action, do you? Lamar, go back to your life. She’s not gonna come back to you."

Khloé began dating Thompson in September 2016 and announced they were expecting their first child together in December 2017.

But on April 10, news broke that Cleveland Cavaliers star Thompson, 27, has allegedly been unfaithful to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

In video footage and photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Thompson was seen locking lips with model Lani Blair at a New York City club on Saturday, April 7.

The pair were later photographed allegedly arriving at Thompson's hotel room in the early hours of Sunday morning (April 8).

Wendy admitted she doesn't feel sorry for Khloé. (Credit: Wendy)

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Both Khloé and Tristan have yet to address the cheating allegations.

Meanwhile, on April 12, Khloé gave birth to their daughter.

According to TMZ, the new mama gave birth early Thursday morning at a hospital outside Cleeveland.

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