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Thursday 13th December 2018

'Today' Viewers Divided Over Savannah Guthrie's Appearance

"It was a bit of a risk," the co-anchor told fans.

Savannah Guthrie's latest fashion choice has left Today fans and even her own co-hosts divided.

The newscaster, 46, opted for a pair of Stella McCartney black leather Derby shoes, which featured a wooden platform and saw-edge rubber soles.

But her high-fashion footwear didn't win over everyone.


Savannah's shoes were a hot topic on the show. (Credit: Twitter)

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During Thursday's edition of the show, weatherman Al told viewers: "Don't forget, get that weather anytime you need it. Check out the weather channel on cable, just as much as you could check out Savannah's shoes. These things are pretty..."

Savannah then said: "They are a little controversial," before Al shouted: "What are those?!"

Hoda Kotb was a fan of the shoes and said that the women in the studio are loving the shoes much more than the men.

This prompted Al to shout: "What are those," leaving his co-hosts laughing.


Her co-host Al wasn't too keen on the unique shoes. (Credit: Today)

In a video shared on Twitter by NBC News correspondent Jo Ling Kent, Savannah's shoes were a hot topic once again.

It was a bit of a risk I admit.

Jo can be heard saying: "Can you show me your amazing shoes?"

Savannah then lifts her leg up showcasing her shoes before saying: "All the guys here don't like them," before Hoda adds: "Love them!"

Even though she seemed to win over her female colleagues, it seems she left fans divided.

Some didn't like the look at all.

Others were much more complimentary of Savannah's look.

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Savannah took to Twitter shortly after and admitted she did take a "bit of a risk" with the shoes.