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Friday 20th July 2018

Megyn Kelly Tries to Clean Up Controversial 'Fat-Shaming' Comment

It was a humble apology.

Just one day after she faced backlash for saying some women want to be body “shamed,” Megyn Kelly has tried to clean up her comments.

On Friday the 47-year-old newscaster addressed the criticism she received after revealing that she once asked her stepfather to call her a “fat a--“ if he saw her going into the kitchen, because she was gaining weight.

She tried to clarify her statement at the top of Megyn Kelly TODAY.

(Credit: Today)

On Thursday, Megyn Kelly said she told her stepfather to "shame" her whenever she went into the kitchen, when she was gaining weight in law school. (Credit: Today)

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“I said something yesterday…that clearly struck a nerve, and I think it’s a conversation we need to have openly,” she said.

“We were discussing body shaming others, something I absolutely do not support. In fact, quite the opposite.”

I said something yesterday…that clearly struck a nerve, and I think it’s a conversation we need to have openly

After replaying the clip of her controversial comments, Megyn said: “The pressure to be thin is ubiquitous in America and those who are not face heartbreaking cruelty.

“I do not endorse this reality. The truth is I loathe it.”

(Credit: Today)

Megyn was interviewing "Fit Mom" Maria Kang at the time her controversial comments were made. (Credit: Today)

She then revealed that her “entire family is – or has been – overweight or obese.”

Megyn said that her sister once weighed over 300 pounds and had gastric bypass surgery, while she herself came home in tears when she was “about 6-years-old” after hearing a neighbor calling her mom “fat.”

She even confessed to battling with her own body image, saying: “By the time I got to middle school, the hormones and the weight kicked in.

“I was chubby by any standard and soon I found myself on the wrong side of some vicious bullies.

“Ones who called me ‘fat,’ and made fun of my backside, who subjected me to humiliating pranks.

“Those comments can cut deep. Trust me, I know.”

(Credit: Today)

Maria has been accused of body shaming moms. (Credit: Today)

In a desperate attempt to lose weight, Megyn said she started taking “diet pills,” exercising obsessively and eating just “500 calories a day.”

“My heart was racing all day, my hair and skin were dry but I was thin,” she said. “And so unhappy.”

Despite now having a much “healthier” approach to food, Megyn added: “I, like every woman I know, still wrestle with body image and still cringe when I hear a person attacked for his or her weight.”

(Credit: Today)

Megyn addressed the controversy at the top of her show. (Credit: Today)

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In what seemed like a humble apology she said: “Please know, I would never encourage that toward any person. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I once encouraged it toward myself.”

Megyn concluded by saying “thin and heavy” people should never be “judged or shamed” for how they handle their weight.

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