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Friday 20th July 2018

'Today' Co-Host Admits to Keeping in Touch with Matt Lauer

It's a "complex situation."

During a discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Hoda Kotb revealed that Matt Lauer's tarnished reputation hasn't kept the two from speaking.

In fact, her and Today colleague Savannah Guthrie are both still in contact with him.

"We keep in touch with him. I mean, look, this is one of those complex situations," Kotb said.

Hoda Kotb replaced Matt Lauer after he was fired on Nov. 29, 2017.(Credit: Today/NBC News Productions)

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"I’ve known him since I started working at NBC [in 1998]. When I was sick with breast cancer, he was the first to call. He helps and helped in ways that... you know, he was incredible in that way. There is that Matt and then there’s the Matt that the accusers speak of."

Kotb also said that "those accusers’ voices matter, and that story matters."

In her THR profile, the 53-year-old described what it was like to find out about the allegations against Lauer, calling the day "excruciating."

Kotb said that her and Guthrie "had a moment of prayer" before going live to announce it, with Guthrie noting that there were "a lot of tears" involved.

"We had each other's back, but we didn't know how emotional it would feel," she added. "When you're blindsided with information… you're almost shocked, you don't really feel the thing yet."

The day after Lauer's dismissal, Kotb took to her SiriusXM program, The Hoda Show, to discuss the bomb that'd dropped in Studio 1A.

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"I think, in life people commit sins," she said.

"We all do. You do. I have, and will again. And I guess the question is: Are some sins forgivable, and when does that start? I don't know the details, so I can't even speak to any of it other than the tiny bits that we do know."

Hoda goes on to describe Matt as way more than just a colleague, calling him a "dear friend.

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