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Friday 20th July 2018

'The Voice' Coach's Latest Business Venture Gets Roasted by Fans

They think sticking to music is probably the best bet.

Despite his valiant efforts, it seems that Blake Shelton's decision to try a hand in the food industry hasn't been well received by eager restaurant goers.

The veteran Voice coach opened up Ole Red back in September of last year, making Tishomingo, Oklahoma the home of his brand new restaurant.

The choice for location was an easy one according to Shelton, saying that "it's as simple as, this is my home."

(Credit: YouTube/Blake Shelton)

Blake Shelton's restaurant has been hit with bad reviews. (Credit: YouTube/Blake Shelton)

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Reports from NewsOK describe Ole Red as having a "laid-back, fun-loving Southern Oklahoma lifestyle," but unfortunately, not everyone who has visited the establishment would describe it that way.

Since its opening, many have taken to the restaurant's social media pages, leaving poor reviews for a variety of reasons, according to Radar Online.

"Bartender did not greet our group for 15 min, did not smile, did not say that he would be with us in a moment, nothing," one person wrote on Facebook.

"There was a 45 min wait with two tables open... when there was no line to wait... it was a bad experience and it was not worth the drive from Dallas. We will not be returning."

Others who traveled far to taste the food at Shelton's restaurant were disappointed to drive all that way for nothing, admitting that it "wasn't a very good experience," and they "won't do it again."

Another customer criticized items on the menu, noting that when they got their food, it "was cold."

"Ordered buffalo brisket chili... more beans than meat and what pieces of brisket were chunks is fat, no flavor at all," the person added. "Need to learn to make chili Oklahoma style. Will not make a special trip to go there again."

A girl who attempted to dine back in September said that when she visited Ole Red, "they had literally NOTHING on their menu" at all.

(Credit: Facebook/@OleRedTish)

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"I really wish there was an option for no star," she added. "We waited for 10 minutes for them to tell us they didn't have the app.

"Most meals they didn't have! Very disappointed and might not be back. Not a good first impression."

There's no telling how many people who visit Ole Red are hoping to catch a glimpse of Blake Shelton.

Based off the reviews, it seems that not only is he reportedly not at the restaurant, but they're leaving disappointed for a whole bunch of other reasons too.

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