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Wednesday 15th August 2018

‘The View’ Co-Host Jokes About ‘Catalog’ Shopping for Men

She got very candid about her love life on Wednesday’s show.

Sara Haines opened up about being an older mom and finding love in her late 30s, on The View on Wednesday.

And the pregnant mom-of-one joked that, finding the right partner to share her life with was so important for her that every night she went through online dating profiles and “catalog shopped for men.”

Sara, 40, who married husband Max Shifrin in 2014, was telling her colleagues about an article she did for Glamour about the sensitive issue.

(Credit: The View)

Sara Haines is opening up about finding love in her late 30s and becoming a mom for the second time at the age of 40. (Credit: The View)

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She said: “If we could all plan our lives, I always say I would have met Max earlier. We would have had babies earlier, but that’s not how it works out.”

Sara said that before she had kids she wanted to find a husband and best friend.

She said: “I really wanted to at least meet my partner. But I hit my mid-30s single and I was like, ‘Whoa, where’d the time go? This isn’t what I thought it would look like.’”

That’s when she turned to online dating. She said: “The point [Meghan McCain] liked I made is…we sell our souls to jobs, we workout to the point like you’re uncomfortable just to be skinny.

“But when we look for our best friend in life…we want it to be convenient and comfortable.

“We want them to show up at the produce department at the grocery store, rather than go online ‘cause that’s so sketchy.”

Sara added: “You have to go out there if that’s what you want. And that’s what I did. I kind of treated it like a job.

“I’d sit down with a glass of wine every night and…I catalog shopped for men.”

(Credit: Instagram/@sarahaines)

Sara had her son Alec in March 2016. (Credit: Instagram/@sarahaines)

Sara also said that well-meaning women urged her to have babies sooner rather than later when she was younger.

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Recalling one such encounter, she said: “It’s kind of like the Bridget Jones syndrome. People come to women who aren’t married and don’t have kids and that’s what they want to talk about to them.

“And I remember a woman stopping me when I had Chihuahuas…and she was like, ‘You don’t want to wait.’

“And I was like, ‘Does this look like I’m choosing this?’

“You can’t just…I wasn’t just going to snatch up anyone to hit the window for expiration on my eggs.”

(Credit: Instagram/@sarahaines)

Sara with her husband Max Shifrin and their son Alec. (Credit: Instagram/@sarahaines)

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