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Friday 20th July 2018

'The View' Co-Host Blasts Megyn Kelly for 'Dangerous' Rhetoric

She didn’t hold back her passionate response.

They used to be work colleagues and have friends in common, but that didn’t stop Meghan McCain from blasting Megyn Kelly for her controversial “fat-shaming” comments.

On Friday, The View co-host slammed the former Fox News personality after the Today star said she used to ask her stepfather to call her a “fat a--“ whenever he saw her going into the kitchen to get food.

Meghan – who criticized the mom-of-three on Twitter on Thursday – passionately denounced her “dangerous rhetoric.”

(Credit: Today)

Megyn Kelly has been widely slammed for her controversial comments, which have been branded as "fat-shaming." (Credit: Today)

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She said: “This hit me in a really specific way because my career was launched on this show…

“When I was 24 I was fat-shamed by Laura Ingraham and I came on this show and told her she could kiss my fat blank.

“A few years later in my career, Glenn Beck went on his radio show and pretended to vomit in a bucket on-air because I’d done a PSA for skin cancer where it’s the appearance of being nude…to tell people to protect from skin cancer.

“And I have been fat-shamed publicly and humiliated my entire career and when you say something like, sometimes fat-shaming’s good, it really hurt me.”

(Credit: The View)

Meghan McCain blasted her former Fox News colleague for her "dangerous" rhetoric. (Credit: The View)

Meghan went on to criticize Megyn’s 2016 memoir, saying: “I read her book and I remember when I read her book, ‘Settle For More’ there are diet tips in it.”

She added: “But I think the thing about this is this rhetoric is very dangerous and I want to tell all the girls watching here.

“I’m a conservative political analyst. I am still a very political person no matter what she decided to do with her career.

“And to be on TV and what you want to do here, I’ve never had to lose a pound.

“I got a hot husband, got a cool job. I never lost weight for anything.”

(Credit: The View)

Meghan slammed Megyn on The View, in front of co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Wendy Williams, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin. (Credit: The View)

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Meghan later continued her passionate response to the Today star’s comments by saying: “I think we need to be really honest and responsible in our rhetoric on television though because…I don’t even like the idea of telling a girl, ‘If you’re going to the fridge stop eating fat blank.’

She added: “I just want to change the world we live in and how we look at women’s bodies.

“It doesn’t matter what size you are. It matters what’s in your brain.”

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