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Wednesday 15th August 2018

‘The View’ Co-Host Accused of Snubbing Show’s Fan Base

She thanked certain people but not others.

Meghan McCain is in hot water with The View fans… again. And this time it’s for sending out a heartfelt message of thanks.

The show's newest co-host took to her Twitter page Tuesday to thank “conservatives” for their support.

Meghan, 33, is the lone Republican on the panel of five women that includes staunch liberals like comedians Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar.

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Viewers have grumbled on social media about Meghan's attitude, bashing her for rolling her eyes and interrupting her colleagues.

But she has received a lot of praise this week for standing her ground and slamming The View for sharing what she dubbed was “fake news” in a reference to Friday’s incorrect ABC News report about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and President Donald Trump.

Meghan tweeted: “Thank you to all the conservatives who have tweeted me such nice comments lately about @TheView.”

Then, in a nod to former View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she wrote: “I have always loved @ehasselbeck and I just hope I do her legacy and seat justice! Xo.”

But not everyone liked her message and many fans accused her of being divisive.

One person tweeted in response: “Explain to me why you needed to just thank conservatives?

“Just thank anyone who has given you nice comments. Just people. Not one political side or the other.

“There are very kind on both sides. Don't add to the mess and divide.”

Another person wrote: “Agreed. Conservatives aren’t the only ones that have love for you.”

Yet another fan of the show tweeted: “For someone who complains about divisiveness and a polarized nation, you certainly manage to make it ‘us vs. them’ whenever you speak or tweet.”

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But Meghan did have her supporters.

One fan wrote: “As a liberal, I think you're doing great. Just relax and don't be so hard on yourself or think that your comments are falling on closed ears just bc the other hosts don't acknowledge them or react in a certain way.”

Another supporter tweeted: “I am not a conservative (far from it), but I always appreciated the perspective @ehasselbeck brought to @TheView.

“It kept me engaged and informed. Something has been missing since she left, and I’m excited to have you join @MeghanMcCain.”

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