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Sunday 24th June 2018

Tamron Hall Shares Her Most Cringeworthy Live TV Blip

She was very embarrassed!

Tamron Hall has revealed that she has a bit of a potty mouth and she once misspoke on live TV and turned the air blue.

The former Today show cohost shared the embarrassing story of how she mistakenly said a word that rhymes with “city” while saying goodbye to viewers on Fox News in Chicago ahead of her relocation to the Big Apple in 2007.

During a Sept. 10 interview with AOL’s BUILD Series the 46-year-old was asked to recount her “biggest head-slapping moment” on live TV during her more than two-decade career.

(Credit: YouTube/BUILD Series)

Tamron Hall opened up to Ricky Camilleri of BUILD Series about her potty mouth. (Credit: YouTube/BUILD Series)

Tamron cheekily asked: “Can you swear on this?”

Then she revealed her embarrassing story, saying: “I was getting ready to leave Chicago and I’d just gotten the call up to New York.

“Chicagoans are very sensitive… You know the whole Second City thing?

“They don’t want you to think you’re leaving them.

“I’m like, ‘I’m not leaving. I love Chicago. In July it’s amazing…’

“But I was getting ready to leave and I said, ‘[Expletive] of Chicago’ instead of ‘City of Chicago.’”

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Tamron revealed that her embarrassing blip occurred when she was saying goodbye to the city of Chicago, where she was a TV news anchor before moving to MSNBC in 2007. (Credit: Fox 32 Chicago)

Tamron then joked: “I have big teeth, I guess.”

The Texan then revealed that she is no stranger to four-letter words when she is off the air.

She said: “I swear a lot in my personal life, which I’m working on. I’m trying.

“It’s a Southern… I don’t know but I can swear… I’m embarrassed by it but I do swear a lot.”

In February Tamron – pictured here with former colleagues Billy Bush and Al Roker – quit Today. (Credit: NBC)

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Tamron said that she even used a mild swear word while she was on Today.

She said: “And I’ve only cursed once, well twice, ‘[Expletive] of Chicago’ which [I meant to say] ‘city.’

“And then on the Today show I forget we were doing something and I said, ‘Well that’s a hell of a story,’ because I didn’t like the story.

“And I was being sarcastic but it came out of my mouth.”

I swear a lot in my personal life, which I’m working on. I’m trying.

Asked if she was reprimanded for her on-air blip she said: “No. They just laughed.

“I imagine if it was something more serious they’d have been like, ‘What? This is Americana.’”

Tamron saw the funny side of the embarrassing TV moment. (Credit: Instagram/@tamronhall)

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