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Thursday 23rd November 2017

The Most Spoiled Celebrity Kids EVER!

Everything on a plate, without lifting a finger...

From diamond encrusted pacifiers and elaborate birthday parties to million-dollar houses and over-the-top wardrobes, celebrity kids - such as Blue Ivy Carter - have literally got it all.

Here are 15 of Hollywood’s most pampered children... and some of the most lavish gifts they’ve received.

Brooklyn Beckham

When Posh and Beck's firstborn turned six in 2005, the celebrity couple really splashed the cash on him. A £187,000 custom built 16-foot tall brick playhouse and castle were built on the Beckham's former north London home, fittingly named 'Beckingham Palace'.

Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy was born into luxury. The daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z was always likely to be spoiled, and spoiled she has been. The adorable four-year-old wears only designer clothes, has a $3,500 room and bathes in a $5,200 crystal-encrusted bathtub. Set for life!

Suri Cruise

When celebrity parents (in this instance, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) go through a divorce, you just know that means there is going to be one very spoiled child. Suri Cruise was the beneficiary, receiving a massive $13.5 million NY mansion from her Mission Impossible star daddy. This mansion wasn't to live in, however, it was to store all her many toys. Obviously! On top of that her wardrobe is said to be worth $3 million!

Justin Combs

American hip-hop artist Diddy certainly knows how to spoil his kids. When son Justin Combs turned 16 in 2010, his dad did what a lot of parents would do and bought his son a car. But this choice of car was a $390,000 Maybach limousine. Apparently, P Diddy said he selected that car so Justin could impress his dates. Smooth!

As well as this, Justin was given a $10,000 cheque from his dad to throw a party, which attracted names such as Lil' Kim, Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather.

Max and Emme Anthony

J-Lo might be Jenny from the block, but her kids certainty aren't. Growing up playing with diamond-encrusted toys and having $390,000 a month bodyguards? It's just what Mom and their dad, Marc Anthony, wanted for their children growing up. Both kids have the best designer clothes and shoes, as well as two Shetland ponies. The dream!

Max Liron Bratman

Christina Aguilera and ex-hubby Jordan Bratman shelled out just the $42,500 on their son's custom-made 600 square foot, sailboat-themed nursery. If that wasn't enough Christina was so determined to be flash with her baby Max, the American singer threw out all the toys Jordan bought him from Babies R Us because she only wanted toys from the exclusive boutiques.

Zachary John-Furnish

Another celeb not shy of parting with a dollar or two is pianist and singer Elton John. John welcomed cute baby son Zachary in late 2010, and has ever since spoiled him. Zachary might only be five, but he is already on the property ladder. The English star has bought him a huge $2 million apartment in New York, fully staffed with nannies, security, and all of his toys.

Louis Bullock

Sandra Bullock's son was given a $14,000 Andy Warhol painting. The gift every child dreams of for his first birthday, right? Since then, the American actress has openly admitted to spoiling her five-year-old son, saying: "When he's 16 and says, 'I hate you - you're a horrible mother', I'll go, 'Do you see this Christmas? Do you see that I got you that life-size lion? Shut up! Get in your room and do your homework. I was a good mother then'." O-kaaaaaay.

Reginae Carter

As far as Sweet Sixteens go, it doesn't get much sweeter than Reginae Carter's. The now 17-year-old daughter of rapper Lil Wayne had over half a million dollars spent on her birthday party alone. Lil Wayne said his only daughter could have "whatever she wants" for her birthday, so Reginae had Nicki Minaj perform, a Rolex collection, a BMW and a Ferrari. Not bad.

Valentina Pinault

Salma Hayek's eight-year old daughter Valentina Pinault might just be the most spoiled of the lot. The little girl’s father is none other than François-Henri Pinault, CEO of luxury goods company Kering. Did we also mention the guy is loaded? He’s got a net worth of more than $15 billion! So it’s no wonder that Valentina lives a very pampered life.

According to reports, her parents are holding a Los Angeles estate in trust for her. The home cost $12 million and apparently costs $50, 000 a month to maintain. Crazy!

Kingston Rossdale

Kingston Rossdale is definitely one of the coolest celebrity kids, but one of the most privileged too. Kingston has had $15,000 spent of every birthday party since he was four years old, and can thank his musician parents, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, for that. Kingston, who is now 10, spent his most recent birthday on a private Malibu beach having his own rock party.

Lourdes Leon

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon has without a doubt had a luxury childhood. The 19-year old who is now starting out in a career as a model has reportedly had weekly facials and manicures since the age of 11, and refuses to go anywhere without having her security with her.

Some of Loudes' classmates from high school have said that the daughter of Madonna, who refuses to be called anything other than Lola, “makes no secret that she gets and deserves special treatment, and is 'a bit of a diva'". We wonder where she gets that from...

North West

We didn't expect any different, but Kanye and Kim's daughter North, is very, very spoiled. The soon-to-be three year old has travelled the world, been front row at all the biggest and best fashion shows and has a wardrobe worth thousands. In fact, it wasn't too long ago the world famous couple bought their daughter a $4,000 coat. Kim has openly said North can have "whatever she wants", but would like to see her get a job one day.

Lamaisah Khan

Lamaisah Khan is one lucky girl! The cute daughter of former Olympian and World Champion boxer Amir Khan and model Faryal recently celebrated her second birthday in style.

The extravagant party took place at Amir's beloved Bolton Wanderers' Macron Stadium, with 250 guests invited. His American wife spent three months planning the party while he was training. It was Disney-themed. The price? £100,000. Crazy!

Zahara Jolie-Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's adopted daughter is now 11 years old and has enjoyed plentiful riches and extravagance. From $20,000 birthday parties, to $17,000 diamond-encrusted pacifiers, Zahara has it all. According to rumours, even all of her jeans are over $120 a pair.

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