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Thursday 19th July 2018

Frightened singer sent death threats over black model in her video

Vile racists have left her scared to leave home

In 1989, Madonna came under fire by racists and religious types when she released the video to Like A Prayer because she kissed a black man playing Jesus.

At the time, the furore was shocking because, even back then, the narrow minded views of so many left a nasty taste in the mouths of the more accepting individuals in society.

So to imagine in this day and age there are still some people who frown upon multi-racial couplings is unbelievable.

Singer Sophie thought that people would have a problem with the lyrics from her song (Credit: Video)

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Singer Sophie Elise Isachsen has revealed that she has received death threats after releasing the video to her single, charmingly titled <BLEEP> All Your Friends.

In the clip, the gorgeous blonde is seen smooching a buff and shirtless man, who is black.

While most of us are thinking "lucky girl" (cos he's gorgeous!) some dimwits have posted vulgar and nasty racist comments attacking her for being intimate with a man of colour.

The video was supposed to show our love, but now it has become a symbol of something that is wrong in our society.

Unsurprisingly Sophie is shocked and devastated by the hideous comments she has had directed at her.

Sophie was shocked when people criticised her for performing and getting intimate with a black man in her video (Credit: Video)

"I've been a public figure in Norway for about six years so I am used to getting a lot of hate," she told Newsbeat.

"But I really didn't think people would care about the guy's skin colour in my video."

Although she has now decided to remove the offensive comments, she admits that at first she wanted to keep them there to show others what revolting characters there were still in the world.

She says she wanted to keep the comments online so people could see what kinds of people there were still in the world (Credit: Video)

"I actually didn't want to remove the comments because I wanted people to see that this type of thing still goes on."

She told a paper in her native land: "I have been proud of the video from the start, but now it's suddenly much more important than I had planned." she told a Norwegian paper.

"The video was supposed to show our love, but now it has become a symbol of something that is wrong in our society."

Gabby from Love Island was horrified by the racist comment directed at her and Marcel (credit: ITV)

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Recently Gabby from Love Island opened up about how she too had received revolting abuse from people over her relationship with Marcel.

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